Food and history game in Gorgonzola

Food and history game in Gorgonzola

3 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Visit of Gorgonzola with entertainment

A peak in the past to visit Gorgonzola which gave birth to a cheese, a product of Italian excellence requested in the world! A an experiential travel guide will play Ginevra, a legendary characther linked to Gorgonzola history and will take you to taste the cheese and visit the most popular places. 

Gorgonzola tasting tour highlights: 

  • Visit Gorgonzola and taste the famous cheese
  • Learn the history of the city with an expert local
  • Visit the historic attractions in Gorgonzola
  • Have a delicious aperitif based on Gorgonzola cheese
  • Sip the precious wine of the north of Italy

Gorgonzola tasting tour

If you are in Milan or you are a cheese lover, discover Gorgonzola, a town with an elegant historic center rich in palaces and historic houses but famous above all for having given birth to one of the most popular cheeses in the world that boasts legends and millenary stories.

A unique experience

In 1820 Marquise Serbelloni orders Ginevra, her governess, to invite some food tasters from the most important European courts to taste the notorious cheese of the area... and you will be invited too! You will be lead by an expert experiential travel guide, playing Ginevra, who will take you to discover the field of Gorgonzola and its alleys.

Gorgonzola cheese

It is said that Gorgonzola has medieval origins. The legend tells of a herder who left a bowl of curdled milk; in a subsequent stop, being devoid of the necessary tools for milk processing, he added another curd to the first curd. After several days, he realized he had got a cheese with green veins that was very appetizing due to the mixture of the cold curd of the evening with the warm morning curd. Today Gorgonzola cheese is recognized as a product of excellence of the Italian tradition in all over the world.


After the tour of the small town Gorgonzola, near Milan, you can make a pleasant stop to taste the famous Gorgonzola cheese, accompanied by appetizers. Before the end of this food and history game in Gorgonzola, relax yourself enjoying and discovering the combinations of cheese and locally produced wines famous throughout the world, with your guide/Ginevra! 

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