2-Days Tour of Rome departing from Florence by high-speed train

2-Days Tour of Rome departing from Florence by high-speed train

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Multi Days Tour from Florence to Rome with hop on hop off tickets

On this two-day tour, you will relish the unique opportunity of discovering the hidden secrets of the ancient Roman streets, which, even today, tell a great story of the history of the place. Join the 48-hours hop on hop off tickets included!

Two days Tour of Rome departing from Florence highlights: 

  • Depart from Florence and reach Rome in few hours by high speed train
  • Explore Rome on foot, and you’ll lose yourself in the intricate historic center encompassing a set of specific cultural features
  • Walk to the city center and appreciate the undying masterpieces created by the most distinguished artists such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Raphael
  • Immerse in the unique vibe of the city – La dolce vita lifestyle – and observe the Roman Italian pace
  • Spend a night in Rome in a 4* hotel centrally located

Two days Tour of Rome departing from Florence

It’s no wonder that Rome is considered one of the most valuable cities in the world – it’s historical, stunning and authentic! With this tour you will have the chance to comfortably explore the Eternal City in two days!

Live an authentic Roman eXPerience

This memorable tour enables you to live the experience of a lifetime, that of an authentic, Roman vacation. Departing from Florence, you will easily reach the Eternal City by igh speed train.
After arriving in Rome, you will reach your 4* hotel centrally located and then you can start exploring the eternal city at your own pace. You benefit from a 2-day hop on hop off ticket as well, which enables you to travel vast distances so that you don’t miss the most important Roman sightseeing points.

Explore Rome

Exploring beautiful Rome is an incomparable experience. It enables you to get lost in the narrow streets, which are filled with undying history. While wandering around, you’ll become part of the stunning historical background of the setting, feeling as if the place is trying to tell a story.
Observe the way in which the Romans relish life as it is. As the day advances, you’ll notice how the crowd increases and the city’s tempo can be measured. That is certainly an integral, unparalleled part of your ideal Roman holiday. La Dolce Vita lifestyle typically describes the way in which life is conveyed here, and it’s about living the moment and taking life as it is – beautiful.

Admire the Unique Historical Legacies of Rome

Rome encompasses the incredible results of the urban development of centuries, the cityscape being a stunning spectacle. Admire highly acknowledged Roman icons – the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Pantheon – which recall the past supremacy of the capital as a magnificent empire.
St. Peter’s Basilica is another treasure of the Renaissance architecture, as well as a hallmark of this beautiful culture. After the two-day tour is over, you will return to Florence in the evening, and you’ll have a unique holiday to remember!

Other eXPeriences from Florence

If you are in Florence, having only a short time, you can't miss the Day trip to Rome from Florence by high speed train.

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