Discovering the Medieval side of Florence experience

Medieval Florence Tour: the best medieval attractions in Florence

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Tour of the main attractions of Florence from Medieval age

Although Florence is mostly sought after for its Renaissance attractions, there is also a medieval side of the city, a very charming one. Our medieval tour of Florence includes a handful of amazing experiences and reveals the most important medieval attractions of Florence.

Discovering the Medieval side of Florence experience highlights: 

  • Relive the medieval atmosphere of Florence with our unique tour of the city
  • An exclusive medieval tour of Florence including insightful experiences
  • Get to make a medieval coin and discover the medieval families of Florence
  • Learn more about some of the most important aspects of medieval life in Florence
  • Visit some of the most amazing medieval attractions of Florence

Uncover a hidden part of Florence that will make you fall in love with the city once more. Our medieval tour of Florence is the perfect introduction into one of the most interesting periods of the city, full of intrigue and magnificent monuments. Discover the attractions of Florence in a unique experience that will reveal the secrets and treasures of medieval times. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about a different face of Florence and explore its narrow streets and old neighborhoods.
We have create this insightful tour of medieval Florence to give you a glimpse into the rich past of the city, its most famous people, powerful families and amazing landmarks. Our guide will lead you through the most important medieval attractions of Florence, including activities and rewarding experiences. You will be taken back in time and immerse into the medieval world of Florence, with all its glory and mystery. As an immensely rewarding experience, you will get to see how to famous "fiorino" gold coin used to be minted and you will get to keep it as a souvenir.
The medieval tour of Florence also includes a variety of attractions and sights, including some of the most beautiful in the city. You will get to admire and explore some of the most representative medieval towers in Florence, learning about their purpose. The medieval Florence experience also includes visits of renowned places such as the Piazza del Duomo, the Florence Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower, Piazza della Signoria and much more. You will learn about some of the most famous and influent medieval families in the city and get to visit an old medieval mansion, the Davanzati Palace, for a unique insight into the way people used to live during those times.

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