Full Day, for small groups guided tour, of the Gargano Area by Boat

Full Day Private Tour, with guide, of the Gargano Area by Boat

8 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

One Day trip , for small groups guided excursion, of the Gargano Area by Boat

Live a day at sea on the Gargano coastline in complete freedom by renting a boat with skipper for 8 hours. Enjoy the exclusive experience with friends and family in the sub-region of the Apulia in the Adriatic Sea.

Full Day, for small groups guided tour, of the Gargano Area by Boat highlights: 

  • Sail with our experienced skipper
  • Admire the breathtaking panoramic views of Gargano and its surrounding villages
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Gargano
  • Venture out to the most hidden parts of Italy’s eastern coastline
  • Take the opportunity to visit spectacular rock formation of Salento and its marina

Rent a boat with skipper for 8-hours for a private tour in the Apulia region in Gargano. This is a perfect outing in the Adriatic Sea with friends and family. With the complete freedom of a chartered boat, you can reach the most hidden beaches and admire the breathtaking landscapes of Salento.

The Gargano in Puglia

The Gargano, also known as "Spur of Italy", is a sub-region coincides with the homonymous mountainous promontory extending into the northern part of Puglia. The Gargano is a famous and popular vacation destination amongst the locals which makes Gargano an authentic place to visit in order to get the local experience.

Gargano's Natural Beauties

Gargano has charming medieval towns, fine sandy beaches, natural enchanting forests, multiple islands to explore and not forgetting to mention, the delicious fresh seafood cuisines. An area filled with beautiful natural sea caves and coves, forestry areas such as the Gargano National Forest with historical and traditional monuments and buildings dotted amongst the landscape.

A private boat trip

Sail across the magical Gargano Area with your private skipper, that will be happy to show you all the marvels of this area. Depending on your desires and on the weather, you will stop into several swin areas, and stop to admire the beautifaul sea and natural landscapes take make the Gargano Area one of the most well preserved and beautiful areas not only of Puglia, but of entire Italy.

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