Romantic excursion of the Centre of Verona to Discover Romeo and Juliet's Story
Verona & Lake Garda

Tour of the Centre of Verona to Discover Romeo and Juliet's Story

1 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Tour in Verona with a visit to the Romeo and Juliet's places

Discover the amazing heritage listed by UNESCO in the center of Verona. Join our exclusive Romeo and Juliet tour in Verona and learn more about the story as you visit the places that inspired Shakespeare to write the story. Explore the monuments of Verona with this unforgettable experience.

Romantic excursion of the Centre of Verona to Discover Romeo and Juliet's Story highlights: 

  • Intense 1 hour walking tour in the center of Verona
  • Follow the Romeo and Juliet tour in Verona for a romantic activity
  • Discover the places and legends that inspired Shakespeare to write the story
  • Explore the streets of Verona and admire its exceptional heritage
  • Learn more about the history and Verona and the historical truth about Romeo and Juliet

Discover the most tragic love story of all time with our amazing and romantic activity in Verona. One of the most famous stories in the world is that of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, people from around the Earth having heard about it.

Discover the site of Shakespeare's story Romeo and Juliet in Verona

As most know, the legend comes from real stories that happened centuries ago in Verona. With our amazing Romeo and Juliet Tour of Verona you will get right to the heart of the story, exploring the most famous attractions of Verona. Although mostly known for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has so much more to offer, with its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Visit the most famous sites of Verona like the House of Juliet or Bra Gate

The famous play written by Shakespeare most likely was inspired by the true historical past of Verona, although highly dramatized and beautifully told by the author. The tour of Verona will follow both the story of Romeo and Juliet, showing the romantic side of the city, as well as the most fascinating attractions of Verona, for an extremely enticing Italy experience.
Learn about the tragic love story between a boy and girl from rival families of Verona, named Romeo and Juliet by the author, as well as the actual places that inspired Shakespeare. You will visit the House of Juliet, Casa di Giulietta, where couples from around the world come each year to seal their love. Admire the famous balcony and the statue of Juliet in the garden.

Explore the UNESCO heritage of Verona city center

With spectacular sights that date from the Roman era, through medieval times and up to the Renaissance, Verona is truly one of the most enchanting and fascinating destinations in Italy. Among its highlights, the immense Verona Arena is only surpassed by the Coliseum in Rome, while the Bra Gate guards the entrance to city and has become a pilgrimage site as the place where Rome left the city when he was exiled.
These and many more beautiful attractions of Verona will be explored with this intense 1 hour Romeo and Juliet tour of Verona. You will have the opportunity to discover the small romantic streets of this beautiful Italian town.