Transfer to Verona from Lake Garda with Opera tickets
Verona & Lake Garda

Transfer to Verona from Lake Garda with Opera tickets

8 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Transportation from Lake Garda to Verona with tickets included

transfer to Verona from the Lake Garda to enjoy an Opera representation, tickets included: we will pick you up in one of our depature points on the Lake Garda and bring you straight to the enchanting Verona Arena!

Transfer service to Verona from Lake Garda with Opera tickets highlights: 

  • Transfer to Verona from lake Garda: experience all that Garda Lake has to offer!
  • Opera tickets included for an opera representation at Verona Arena, one of the biggest amphitheaters in the Roman Empire
  • Discuss the mysteries that surround this magnificent and colossal historical monument
  • Find out everything about the representations held here from the beginning of time
  • Enjoy a comfortable transfer to reach Verona from more meeting points in Garda Lake

Transfer service to Verona from Lake Garda with Opera tickets

If you are staying at the Lake Garda, we have the perfect opportunity for you! To make your visit here even more interesting, we suggest you take our transfer to Verona plus tickets for Verona Arena included. The third largest amphitheater in the ancient history waits for you to visit it and, why not, enjoy an opera representation!

Discover the Verona Arena

Enjoy our tour from Lake Garda to the Verona Arena, also known in Italy as “Arena di Verona”, located in Piazza Bra. It was built in the 1st century and, even to this day, it is one of the best-preserved monuments in the whole world. It was constructed to hold massive events, allowing around 30,000 persons to witness the shows back in the ancient times. It is very famous for the opera performances given here. In our days, only 15,000 people are allowed in, considering the age of the arena.

Mysterious Legends

Nobody knows exactly what the exact purpose of this amphitheatre was in the old Verona. Many assume that it was used as a concentration camp, for the hunt of bulls, for races and theatre performances. Being an ancient monument, its history is still uncertain. Legends say that the amphitheatre was built by the king of the Ostrogoths. Over the centuries, the construction was damaged on and on by the wars and floods of the Adige River. These events make it now almost impossible to trace the actual history of the Verona Arena, buy you can visit it in its magnificence with our transfer from many points in Lake Garda, which includes also the tickets for Opera.

An Unforgettable Opera Representation

The highlight of this day tour with transfer from Lake Garda, of course, is the opera representation. The service includes already the tickets to attend an unforgettable spectacle in one of the most famous stages on the world. You will blend in with people from other countries and experience an amazing show. Even though numerous pop concerts have taken place at the Verona Arena, the monument is mostly famous for its opera representations. The public will feel and breathe like they’re just one soul. Don’t miss out on such an experience!
After attending the opera, you will feel energised and full of hope for the days that will come in your life. Something so profound and full of meaning can certainly change you and you can consider yourself lucky for having experienced everything that Garda Lake has to offer!

Depart from Lake Garda

Our transfer from Lake Garda departs from: Limone, Riva, Torbole, Malcesine, Brenzone, Torri, Garda, Bardolino, Lazise, Peschiera. Have a look in the Info Box to the times scheduled! 

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