Full-day group tour around the best of Lake of Garda
Verona & Lake Garda

Full-day group tour around the best of Lake of Garda

9 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

One Day activity around the best of the wonderful Lake of Garda

If you are staying around the Lake Garda, you can’t miss this chance to explore its wonderful surroundings. Join this Group Tour from multiple locations around the lake, and explore Limone, Sirmione and Lazise.

One Day excursion around the best of the wonderful Lake of Garda highlights: 

  • Explore the surroundings in a group tour around Garda Lake
  • Visit some of the most beautiful resorts of the area such as Limone
  • Admire Salò and the enchanting peninsula of Sirmione
  • Find out about the secrets of Lazise, a beautiful fortified village
  • Visit an impressive archaeological park, where you will find the Catullo Caves

One Day excursion around the best of the wonderful Lake of Garda

Garda Lake is the biggest lake in Italy. Its beauty has inspired artists, authors and even common people. It is the perfect mix between modern and ancient, as you will get to see in this group tour. It is the perfect holiday destination because here you can find a little bit of everything for everyone, no matter the age or taste.

Be One With the Nature

The group tour will start from Garda Lake and it will take you in the most picturesque places you have ever been. The itinerary may change, depending on traffic, weather conditions and organizational reasons*. However, in general the first stop is the Limone resort. The retreat is situated at the mountainous northern end of Garda Lake. Its serene landscape will relax you in an instant, while the rocky cliffs will make your race with joy. The resort’s name means “lemon” in English because once upon a time the Italians grew citrus fruits over there.

Keep in Touch with History

Next, the group tour will take you to a place you have never even dreamt of. You will have the possibility to visit Salò and the medieval town of Lazise, an impressive village from the Middle Ages. The fortified area was built in the 9th century and, from time to time, it was restored and restructured. That is how it survived all these centuries and now it stands tall in front of us. The atmosphere inside the fortress is Venetian-like. You can almost imagine how soldiers defended the village from the six towers that the building holds.

Mountains and Caves

You coul be heading to the amazing Sirmione. Surrounded by San Bartolomeo Mount and Morenici Hills, Sirmione is a wonder on Earth. It’s also called the “Pearl of the Lake”, and it was made famous for its thermal waters. But going deeper, you shall discover inside an archaeological park, the Catullo Caves. These are actually the remains of a Roman villa. You will also be surprised to find out that here is where Maria Callas used to live.
After this beautiful eXPerience, you have been taken to amazing places, seen timeless monuments, discovered a piece of history and wandered through an archaeological park. The surroundings of Garda Lake have so many attractions and yet you have seen them all in a day!
*The itinerary may change, depending on traffic, weather conditions and organizational reasons.

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