Full day tour to Bolzano and Renon departing from Lake Garda
Verona & Lake Garda

Full day tour to Bolzano and Renon departing from Lake Garda

10 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Excursion to Bolzano and Renon departing from Lake Garda

This group tour assures you some of the pleasant experiences you can have while being in Italy, as it blends nature and culture, giving you the opportunity of visiting Bolzano town, Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and viewing the Western Dolomites and the Earth stone pyramids

Day Trip to Bolzano and Renon departing from Lake Garda highlights: 

  • Depart comfortably from Lake Garda and reach Bolzano and Renon
  • Be impressed by the breathtaking landscapes of the region
  • Not leave the area without a few pictures of the Western Dolomites, which separate two regions of Italy, Bolzano, and Cortina
  • Visit the "Iceman Archeological Museum"
  • Enjoy the abundance of colors in the fruit market of Bolzano and have a healthy, delicious snack here

Day Trip to Bolzano and Renon departing from Lake Garda

Depart from multiple locations around Lake Garda and head for a Group Tour of Bolzano and Renon, enriched by a (optional) visit to the world famous "Iceman Museum" of Bolzano.

Admire the Earth Pyramids on the Renon Mountain

This group tour offers you the chance of visiting a wonderful site, where you can admire the Earth pyramids on the Renon Mountain, formed from glacial moraines. Being the best formed and the highest Earth pyramids in Europe, they provide a unique view that attracts a significant number of tourists who are interested in nature. It will be a shame if you will miss such a superb view.
These Earth pyramids come in all shapes, some of them being short and thick while others are reaching a height of 40 meters, rising from the mountain forest. It is a miracle that they have been preserved so well from the Ice age, and once they lose their stone ‘hat’, they simply melt.

Tyrol Museum of Archeology – A Museum You Will Never Forget

The tour includes a visit to the Tyrol Museum of Archeology, where you can see an iceman preserved together with his clothing and equipment. He is called Ötzi, and he’s one of the most famous male mummies of the world. He was named after the Ötztal Alps, in South Tyrol, where he was found, in 1991. By visiting this museum, you have the chance of discovering his story, as well as other interesting details about archeology. As an alternative, you can decide to wander around the Bolzano fruit market.

The Majestic Western Dolomites

We can say for sure that there was not even a single person who left the region without taking a picture of the amazing Western Dolomites. This group tour offers the opportunity of admiring these imposing mountains and taking various pictures of them, especially from the Renon Plateau. A cable car and a narrow gauge tram with a huge historical importance will help the group reach the site. 

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