Private Tour of Murders and Misteries of Venice

Private Tour of Murders and Misteries of Venice

1 h
min 30
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Private Tour of Murders and Misteries of Venice

An alternative, macabre tour to discover the hidden side of Venice and its mysteries and legends, that come true when the dark descends and winds up all the city.

Discover the hidden, darker side of Venice
Ghost legends, mysterious deaths, secrets and mysteries
Let the histories of the ancient Venetian nobility enchant you
Get lost in the labyrinths and in the quite alleys of nocturnal, dark Venice
Live an horror adventure among mysteries, public executions and asylums

Enjoy a tour different from traditional ones: live a mysterious, macabre, eccentric experience in Venice. Let your guide make you discover the hidden side of Venice, while the ghosts of the past get back on the night-time streets, and the dark, scary legends about the city become true. The traditional Venice, rich in monuments and arts, will change into a spirit and shadows town under your eyes.

The Dark Side of Venice

A private walking tour, at night, along all the streets of the town. No light, no sun, the dark prevails and the black dominates the landscape. A guide will lead you into the labyrinth of Venetian streets, along the strict alleys of the city, where the shadows rise and fall and your steps echo. Here, you will discover the dark side of Venice, passing through less known streets, where the secrets of a spectral past seem to be back knocking at the door.

Dark Legends

The metropolitan legends concerning Venice cannot be counted, and some of them are really disturbing. The first among them, is certainly the one concerning the public executions in Piazza San Marco, where the path walked by the dead sentenced men was like a ritual, providing both an example and penance. The stages were marked by sign coming from the Holy Land. Other creepy histories concern the inhuman asylums in the Islands of the Venice Lagoon, the courtesans’ affairs between casinos and brothels, the true story of Casanova, past intrigues and unsolved mysteries.

Mysterious Venice

So here you are, walking along the most hidden and isolated streets of the town, with the spirits fluctuating at your side, together with the ghosts of murdered women dressed in white, that are believed to get around in the darkness. It is the time to discover the mysterious stories of the hidden treasures of Venice, the mystical architectural structures, with their symbolic and disturbing appearance. You will learn the terrifying story of a cruel murder, a body that was found head-less and a head floating in the Grand Canal, where everybody could see it. And finally, the mystery concerning the last fire at the Grand Teatro della Fenice, which burnt and destroyed everything of the world-known Venetian Theatre. Among the phantoms of the opera, creepy and disturbing secrets, terrifying stories and dreadful murders, you will discover the scariest, more threating Venice.


This is a walking tour of the centre of Venice. The exact itinerary depends on the period; anyway, you will visit some of the most important attractions of the centre of Venice, including St. Marks Square and Teatro La Fenice.

  • Professional tour guide
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes guided tour
  • Tips (optional)
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