3 days Experience for a Full Immersion in Cinque Terre from Florence

3 days Full Immersion in Cinque Terre from Florence

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3 days program to visit the beautiful zone of Liguria

Cinque Terre is certainly one of Italy's most iconic, idyllic highlights, being an authentic, stunning destination granted by the unique combination of coastal setting and perfectly preserved architecture. These five distinct villages will make you marvel!

3 days Experience for a Full Immersion in Cinque Terre from Florence highlights: 

  • Relish a spectacular mini-tour to Cinque Terre, a destination encompassing a timeless appeal and charm.
  • Get acquainted with the intricate twists and turns, which are unique to the villages.
  • Wander around the constant, beautiful presence of the crystal clear sea, and stare at the incredible glimpse of coastal forests and beautiful terrace farms.
  • Take your time to visit these five spectacular villages including Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
  • Appreciate the typical, easygoing feeling of the Italian setting, granting you fabulous views lining the beautiful deep blue sky and crystal clear sea, while enjoying a good glass of wine.

 Escape the agitation and fast-paced lifestyle of Florence and enjoy our three-day mini-tour in Cinque Terre, which will give you an authentic insight into the villages and the easygoing lifestyle typical of the region. You can reach the beautiful villages either by car or boat.

Day 1: Florence – Cinque Terre – Santa Margherita

On the first day you will leave Florence by bus to reach Manarola, one of the Cinque Terre villages. It will be the first stop of your journey and the departure point of a mini-tour that will make you discover why Cinque Terre one of the most appreciated Italian destinations. You will than relish the tasty delicacy of a typical Ligurian lunch at Monterosso the oldest out of the five villages, was established in AD 643, as the hill dwellers moved down the coast to break away from the invading barbarians. In the afternoon you will  take a train from La Spezia to get to Santa Margherita, where you will spent two nights in a hotel with breakfast included.

Day 2: Santa Margherita – Portofino

The second day will be entirely dedicated to the enchanting Portofino; you will grasp the unique beauty of the historic Cinque Terre villages by ferry to Portofino from Santa Margherita, by yourself on a comfortable ferry. Portofino is a cosmopolitan resort and you will the chance to explore the hidden and picturesque corner of this peculiar village. You will have some free time in the afternoon to explore the city as you like and then you will come back to Santa Margherita.

Day 3: Santa Margherita - Florence

The last day you will have the chance to visit Santa Margherita until the departure time to reach  La Spezia, where you’ll meet your coach so that in the evening you reach Florence.

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