VIP small group day tour from Florence to discover Brunello wine

VIP small group day tour from Florence to discover Brunello wine

10 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

VIP small group tour to Tuscany with Brunello wine tasting and lunch

Depart from Florence and join a VIP small group day tour to Tuscany to discover the production of Brunello wine. You will enjoy two wine tastings with Brunello DOCG, a typical Tuscan lunch and a visit to the charming villages of Val d'Orcia area. 

VIP Small Group trip to Tuscany with wine tastings and lunch from Florence highlights: 

  • Depart from Florence and enjoy a full day tour in Tuscany
  • Join a small group tour and discover Montalcino area
  • Visit two ancient wine cellars
  • Follow the explanations of an English speaking wine expert
  • Enjoy two wine tastings and typical Tuscan lunch

VIP Small Group trip to Tuscany with wine tastings and lunch from Florence

Get to explore the beautiful and famous Tuscany region of Val d'Orcia known for its amazing red wine, the Brunello of Montalcino. You get to educate yourself on all you need about wines from the 'Kings of Italian wines along with a delicious typical Tuscan lunch!

Depart from Florence

The day tour will start from Florence, where you will join a small group. A professional driver will take you to the Val d'Orcia area, one of the most beautiful of Tuscany, so that you can start your day discovering amazing ladscapes, excellent wine and food and cahrming little medeieval villages. 

Brunello wine tradition

The VIP wine tour in Tuscany is known as for the Brunello wine which is known for its longevity; you can literarily store a bottle of wine for over 100 years, and it will taste amazing. Americans buy as much as 175,000 cases of wine each year making it the most famous wines in the world. An English wine expert will help you tour around the famous Wine Spectator's prized Brunello di Montalcino; this is the most renowned wines found around the world. It is also arguably the best wine in Italy and around the world, thanks to the perfect microclimate of the area.

Wine tastings and lunch

You will then get to visit two amazing wine cellars. You will be offered to tast the Burnello DOCG in a small wine boutique and taste it together with a typical Tuscan lunch. You will get a better understanding of how innovation and tradition mix together perfectly to help produce amazing, world famous wines. After the wine tour, you will also have a chance to visit a typical medieval village town. While strolling down the little windy roads and alleys, you will hear stories of this adorable little UNESCO hamlet village. At the end of the tour you will go back to Florence.

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