Special Transportation to shopping at the Mall Outlet from Florence

Half Day Transfer, to Visit The Mall Outlet from Florence

4 h
Luxury & Shopping
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Special transfer to visit the Mall Outlet from Florence

Discover the magical attraction of shopping with this amazing activity from Florence. Join this shopping tour from Florence and visit the famous The Mall Outlet, where dozens of designer brands are available for discounted prices.

Special Transportation to shopping at the Mall Outlet from Florence highlights: 

  • Half day shopping eXPerience from Florence
  • Tour of the famous The Mall Outlet from Florence
  • Buy famous brands like Prada, Gucci and more
  • Get the best deals with discounted prices up to 60%
  • Private transfer from Florence by car or minivan

Italy is one of the most stylish and elegant destinations in the world and there are few places where fashion is such an important element. For people that have admired the great attractions of Florence and also wish to get into the latest fashion trends at affordable prices, this is the perfect activity from Florence.

Experience the true pleasure of shopping with this activity from Florence

Join this exclusive half day tour of The Mall outlet from Florence, a unique eXPerience for people who wish to get designer clothes and accessories at discounted prices. Visit one of the most prestigious and exclusive fashion destinations in Italy.

Visit one of the most famous shopping destinations at The Mall Outlet from Florence

The fashion eXPerience from Florence includes a private transfer to The Mall Outlet, where you can find the most famous and popular designer brands in Italy and the whole world. With such a great selection of high fashion, the half day shopping tour from Florence will be the perfect ending to a wonderful holiday in Florence.
What is even better is that The Mall Outlet outside Florence gives you the opportunity to find designer merchandise at discounted prices, up to 60% off or even more depending on promotions.

Buy designer brand merchandise at discounted prices

Whether you simply wish to refresh your wardrobe or you are an avid fashion addict, this shopping eXPerience from Florence is the perfect choice. The Mall Outlet includes many of the famous brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta and countless more. You will have a hard time choosing what to buy and what to admire while visiting this marvelous destination. Designer shopping has never been more enticing and enjoyable than with this exclusive half day tour of The Mall Outlet from Florence.

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