Private Luxury Tour of Perugia to discover chocolate from Florence

Private Luxury Tour of Perugia to discover chocolate from Florence

8 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Exclusive Luxury tour from Florence to Perugia to explore the chocolate world

Discover the magical world of chocolate with a tour of Perugia from Tuscany. The amazing chocolate experience in Perugia includes a visit of House of Chocolate factory and its delightful gift shop, a possible course in the School of Chocolate, a chocolate massage and a chocolate lunch.

Small group experience From Florence to Perugia to discover chocolate highlights: 

  • Indulge in one of the most delicious experiences in Tuscany
  • A unique opportunity to meet and taste the famous chocolate of Perugia
  • Learn more about the world of chocolate and even have a complete cooking lesson
  • Relax with a pampering chocolate massage in Perugia
  • Discover the wonderful attractions of Perugia

Small group experience From Florence to Perugia to discover chocolate

Step with us into the mesmerizing world of chocolate and all the joy it can bring into the world. Imagine a world without chocolate and you can see why a chocolate tour of Perugia from Tuscany is really necessary.

Visit Perugia, the city of chocolate

We give you the opportunity to discover the land of chocolate, with a trip to charming Perugia, where you will indulge and learn more about this magical product. This is probably the most delicious and enticing activity from Tuscany, a day spent in Perugia, surrounded by the best chocolate in this part of the world.
The tour starts with a transfer to Perugia, where you will also get the chance to explore the city and admire its most interesting attractions.

Explore the House of Chocolate and smell the scent of the chocolate

Continue with the amazing Casa del Cioccolato, or the House of Chocolate, where you will learn everything there is to know about the various assortments and the production process.
The tour will culminate with a visit of the gift shop Perugina, where you will have time to feast your eyes with the most incredible chocolate bearing the Perugina trademark, including the famous Baci Perugina that can make for incredible gift. This is one of the most impressive chocolates in Italy, delicious and carefully wrapped in love messages that will definitely say "I love you" to the special persons in your life.

Learn how to cook the most delicious chocolate recipes

The chocolate experience in Perugia can also include a Saturday course in the School of Chocolate, where you can participate and learn from the masters the art of making delicious chocolate recipes. The best thing is that you get to taste all the mouth watering creations and also receive a certificate.

Taste an incredible chocolate lunch and relax yourself in the chocolate spa!

The chocolate tour from Tuscany could not conclude without an incredible chocolate lunch where you can delight yourself in all types of amazing things. You will also get the opportunity to visit a spa and have a relaxing chocolate massage, for the ultimate luxury experience in Perugia.
This is a day trip from Tuscany that should not be missed by any lover of good things.