Small group tour of the Royal Palace and the Egyptian Museum
Turin & Piedmont

Small group tour of the Royal Palace and the Egyptian Museum

4 h
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difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Entrance to Royal Palace and Egyptian Museum with guide

Take part in a unique guided experience by visiting the Royal Palace and the Egyptian Museum of Turin with this small group tour. Discover all the charm of Ancient Egypt and one of the historic homes of princes and kings. You can move freely among the halls of the buildings entranced by so much beauty. 

Guided tour of the Royal palace of Turin and Egyptian Museum highlights: 

  • Prendi parte a un tour guidato a Torino per piccoli gruppi
  • Regalati momenti indimenticabili visitando Palazzo Reale e il Museo Egizio in un giorno
  • Ammira le stanze in cui visse la famiglia reale d’Italia
  • Viaggia nel tempo fino all’antichità e nella cultura dell’Antico Egitto
  • Evita le code, i biglietti sono inclusi

Guided tour of the Royal palace of Turin and Egyptian Museum

Choose this exclusive walking tour for small groups to discover the Royal Palace and the wonders kept inside the Egyptian Museum! Stroll among the sumptuous furnishings of the palace that housed the Savoy family, as well as numerous receptions and balls. See spectacular artifacts such as ancient mummies and magnificent jewels of the Pharaohs. Listen to your guide tell all the anecdotes and don't hesitate to ask to satisfy all your historical curiosities.

A UNESCO heritage site

The tour will begin with a guided visit of Palazzo Reale in the heart of Turin. You will not have to wait even a minute before entering as the entrance ticket is already included. It is the first and most important of the Savoia residences in Piemonte and represents the symbol of the Savoia dynasty which reigned over Italy until the proclamation of the Republic. You will stroll through the richly furnished rooms and corridors that have seen important personalities from history pass every day. Not only antique furniture but also furnishings and ornamental objects that will help you reconstruct the habits, lifestyle and atmosphere that reigned in the palace seat of the monarchy until 1865. Here dances, events and diplomatic meetings between national exponents were held and international since the estate represented a real symbol of power. You will end the journey in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, so called because it housed the sacred relic for a long period of time, before the fire that partially destroyed the site. Savor every moment with the necessary calm and take photos to immortalize the architecture and works of art preserved inside. Get ready to feel like King and Queen for a day!

The most important Egyptian museum in Europe

After a break, it will be time to visit the Egyptian Museum. Anyone visiting Turin should spend a few hours inside this incredible place. Founded in 1824, it is the oldest museum complex in the world entirely dedicated to the civilization that inhabited the banks of the Nile. On its four floors you will be able to closely observe perfectly preserved sarcophagi and mummies that are more than three thousand years old. Not only that: papyrus, animal mummies, statues, jewelry, amulets or everyday objects and much more. Entering this palace you will witness the vastness of the preserved artifacts and thus reconstruct the genealogy of the dynasties that succeeded each other at the helm of one of the most important kingdoms in history. All exhibited with the care and wisdom given by years of research and conservation in one of the most advanced and visited museums in Italy. Among other things you will find: the Papyrus of the Kings, the canvas of Gebelein, the Papyrus of Iuefankh, the tomb of Kha and Merit, the grave goods of Nefertari, the statuary and the Temple of Ellesija. The tour is suitable for adults and children who want to learn more about the history and secrets of this great civilization and who will be captivated by the words of the guide. Egyptian culture continues to exert its charm even today, thousands of years later. With this tour you will discover - in the enormous complexity of a world yet to be deciphered - some of the secrets that lurk there. Again you won't have to worry about boring queues, tickets are already included.

The tour and skip the line tickets

Thanks to this tour, in addition to skipping unnecessary queues, you will benefit from the intimacy and safety of a visit specially designed for small groups. You will thus have the opportunity to listen to the story told by your official local guide in the most absolute tranquility and concentration that the spaces of the Royal Palace and the Egyptian Museum require. If you have any questions or curiosities, do not hesitate to ask, your dedicated guide will accompany you throughout the journey, making your visit even more pleasant and telling anecdotes, stories and curiosities.

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