15 minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

15 minutes Ferrari test drive in Maranello

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min 15
Something different
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Ferrari driving experience in Maranello

Are you looking for a uninque eXPerience during your stay in Italy? Then, you need to check out the 15 minutes Ferrari Test Drive. It is in Maranello is a specially packaged 15 minute opportunity for you to try one of the most famous Italian product in the world! 

Drive a Ferrari in Maranello highlights: 

  • Feel the emotion to drive a Ferrari for 12km tour on the streets of Maranello
  • Get the opportunity to drive one of the most famous cars in the world
  • Enjoy the comfort and the equipment of a luxury car
  • Drive round the factory, the GES, and the Wind tunnel, historic places of Maranello factory
  • Take many pictures as a unique souvenir

Drive a Ferrari in Maranello

This amazing 15 minutes tour is an eXPerience you will not forget during all your life. This tour gives you the opportunity to drive one of the most popular cars in the world in Maranello: Ferrari!  

A thrilling test drive 

This 15 minute test drive will give you truly unique emotions: you will eXPerience the thrill of driving a real Ferrari, right in the places where this legendary car is born, Maranello.
Whether you are a passionate fan or you are not, you will still enjoy hearing the engine booming as it happens to real pilots. So it is definitely a unique eXPerience, since you will have the opportunity to feel speed and class of this car, symbol of Italy and famous throughout the world.

Discover Maranello factory

This Ferrari test drive will also let you discover the places where this car was born and is, in fact, tested. You can drive for about 12 km around the Ferrari factory, the GES, the new building of the plant and the wind tunnel. These are the places where Ferrari was born and now is produced and tested. So, this test drive will be even more special in this location! 

On the road

This test drive will also give you the chance to try the Ferrari on the road, out of the center of Maranello on a express way. You can drive the car fast, so you will eXPerience the thrill of a real driver. The roar of the engine and the bright red will remain with you for a long time, together with the emotions of this incredible and decidedly different day. At the end of the test drive, you can request the video, photos or photo album of this fantastic eXPerience.

More options of Ferrari test drive

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