Wine and Shopping Tour of Franciacorta departing from Milan

Wine and Shopping Tour of Franciacorta departing from Milan

9 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Excursion to Franciacorta with wine tasting and shopping at Franciacorta Outlet Village

This day tour of Franciacorta from Milan will take you around the famous vineyards and cellars of this region, allowing you to taste and discover the delicious sparkling and still wines produced here. After this, you will have time for shopping at Franciacorta Outlet Village

Day tour to Franciacorta with wine tasting from Milan highlights: 

  • Depart from Milan for a day trip to Franciacorta area with wine tasting
  • Enjoy a light Italian lunch accompanied with Franciacorta sparkling wine
  • Tantilize your taste buds sampling numerous wide variety of Franciacorta sparkling wine
  • Bask in the beautiful landscape of the vineyards of Franciacorta with the Alpine mountainous backdrop
  • Take a shopping tour to the 160 stores in Franciacorta Design Outlet Village

Day tour to Franciacorta with wine tasting from Milan

The highlight of this day tour is the fabulous opportunity to sample many varieties of the world famous Franciacorta sparkling wine. Arriving in Franciacorta area, a light lunch will be provided accompanied by Franciacorta wine. After that, you will take you to a vineyard boutique where you will sample a wide variety of sparkling wine. Here, you will learn a lot of wine making and how the Franciacorta growers tend to their vineyards. Later, you will go to the Franciacorta Design Outlet Village with 160 stores offering almost 70% off compared to normal traditional retail shop prices. After that, you will return to Milan by coach.


The tour will depart in the morning from Milan, to spend a wonderful day into the green. Franciacorta is a famous wine region in North Italy, in the Lombardy province. The city at the foothills of Alpine terrain in Brescia province is the world’s most coveted sparkling wine making brand. Grown in a condition of limestone and subsoil with the Alpine climate, the Franciacorta growers are able to produce and achieve an incredible variety of vine ripeness. The diversity of soil type in that one region offers a wide range of sparkling wine selections that is compatible with every palate, dish and dessert.

Franciacorta Wine Tasting

Reaching Franciacorta, you will be served with a light lunch complimented with fine Franciacorta regional sparkling wine. The world renowned sparkling wine is something to boast about. After lunch, a local knowledgeable guide will guide you through some of the famous vineyards of Franciacorta. You will visit a small boutique vineyard, where you will witness how their famous sparkling wines are made. Here, it wil be time for the wine tasting, where you will get to sample a variety of sparkling wine grown in the foothills of the Alpine mountains growing in different Franciacorta soil types. For 2 hours, you will have time to have a personal talk with the winemaker himself. Along the way, you will make some pit stops to admire the stunning landscape and the beauty of the greeneries of Franciacorta.

Shopping Tour in Franciacorta

Before you leave Franciacorta to return to Milan, this incredible day tour will take you to Franciacorta Design Outlet Village. With 160 shops offering the trendiest designs and fashion, here at Franciacorta Design Outlet, the shops offers almost 70% off compared to most retail shops. In this Outlet Village, you will find any fashion style and sense befitting you. Not only clothing and accessories, the Franciacorta Design Outlet Village also offers a wide selection of house decoration, cosmetic and optics as well as toys. After the shopping, you will return to Milan

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