Fun Tour around the historic center of Palermo by Vespa

Fun Tour around the historic center of Palermo by Vespa

1 h
min 30
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Excursion around the historic center of Palermo by Vespa

Journey into the heart of Palermo with a tour by Vespa and discover the charm of this Sicilian city from the perspective of an experienced local. This tour gives you the unique opportunity to admire the city in a more unconventional way in which you drive, or alternatively, sit behind the Vespa.

Exciting tour around the historic center of Palermo by Vespa highlights: 

  • Experience the local side of the city and ride your Vespa through the narrow street
  • Enjoy the company of your tour leader and learn about the fascinating history of Sicily
  • Capture the many attractions including the famous Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Normanni
  • Ride your Vespa around Palermo, admiring the beautiful architecture and the vibrant atmosphere
  • Enjoy a fun-filled tour of 1 hour and 30 minutes aboard an iconic Vespa

Exciting tour around the historic center of Palermo by Vespa

Visiting a new city is always a fun occasion, but taking a Vespa tour of Palermo is possibly the most authentic, exciting and fun way in which to explore any destination.

A true local experience in Palermo

The Vespa has long been something the locals have romanticized over in Italy, which makes traveling these narrow streets on a scooter feel like the most iconic way to seek out some local experiences.
With a tour leader at the helm, the Vespa Tour of Palermo will last 1 hour 30 minute and will give you the opportunity to visit all the main attractions including Palazzo dei Normanni and Pretoria Square.

Discovering the ancient history and hidden charms of the city

Palermo is an awe inspiring city that delights visitors with a sublime mix of history, art and stunning scenery. It is here, where you can ride past shiny palaces, next to bustling markets and 15th century churches with Byzantine domes overhead.
Watch as the history of Palermo comes to life while your local tour leader helps to illustrate the scenes of a time long ago. There are brief photograph stops along the way, but not for too long, as there are many more places to see in this charming city.

Journey into the heart of Palermo

Exploring the Capital of Sicily by Vespa is a unique alternative to any other city tour, and one which enables you to see this beautiful place in very much the same way as the locals.
With the perfect mix of iconic attractions, local knowledge and a very vibrant atmosphere, there will be no doubt when you arrive next to the crystal waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, that experiencing the city by Vespa, is the only real way of getting to the heart of Palermo.

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