Outdoors and ecofriendly tour around Palermo by Bike

Outdoors and ecofriendly tour around Palermo by Bike

3 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Outdoors and ecofriendly excursion around Palermo by Bike

This tour by bike combines culture, architecture, motion and food in only 3 hours. This circular and smooth trip will give you the opportunity to discover all the secrets of the city's narrow streets. After just a few hours of biking, Sicily's culture and lifestyles will be part of your life.

Outdoors and ecofriendly activity around Palermo by Bike highlights: 

  • Visit Ballaro and La Kalsa, the old Jewish neighborhood
  • Discover the Spersi and Vucciria Markets
  • Explore the Brancaccio and Maredolce Castle
  • Relax while visiting the Arenella and Acquasanta
  • Finish the journey with an itinerary across the green areas of the city

Outdoors and ecofriendly activity around Palermo by Bike

Relax in Palermo with a tour by bike. Together with your tour guide, you will choose the best itinerary to discover the city of Palermo.
You might spend your day exploring la Kaksa and the ancient Jewish neighborhood, the ancient Palermo markets. Brancaccio and Maredolce Castle, Acquasanta and Arenella, or the urban green areas of the most important city of Sicily.

Visit Palermo's most famous neighborhoods and markets

This tour of Palermo starts in La Kalsa. This district was created during the Islamic domination. Even to this day, the oriental atmosphere can be felt in the air thanks to theArabic building styles. This city has so many to offer in one enjoyable bike tour! Feel the Palermitan way of life, while passing through the La Kalsa square.
The buildings will make you feel like you have travelled to another time and space.
Another stop for this tour of Palermo is Ballaro, one of the well – known markets in Palermo. This fresh farmer's market holds a well-established food tradition. The locals will tell you all about the local traditions and specialties. While travelling on your bike, you can see how the old market comes to life on a beautiful day in Palermo.
The Spersi and Vucciria markets are going to blow your mind, considering the diversity they offer.

Breathe history in and out

The Maredolce Castle has an original structure, compared to the North African ribat. Having an approximately square plan with a projecting part on one side, the castle is known for its greatness. The name "favara" makes a reference to the water spring that rose from the foot of the mountain. The castle can be accessed from the northeast,where the structure is almost intact.
Next stop is the Brancaccio neighborhood. Located in Palermo, this is a semi-traditional area in the city. The working class usually lives here, in the most natural and peaceful way. This neighborhood had a significant role in the history of Cosa Nostra.

Relax in the Sun

Arenella is part of the seventh district of Palermo. Initially a village of fishermen, nowadays an important port, the small seaside village was incorporated by the Acquasanta harbor.
It was built on a small inlet, between high rocky walls, right next to the Arenella port. Originally, the port was designed for fishing, but the former owners decided to transform it into a resting place for the fishermen. Nowadays, it is one of the most modern ports in Italy. The tour comes to an end in the most famous green parts of Palermo. After a long bike ride, it is time for you to rest, breathe some fresh air and listen to the many tales told about Sicily's capital.

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