4 Days Self Drive Tour of the amazing roads of Eastern Sicily

4 Days Self Drive Tour of the amazing roads of Eastern Sicily

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Self Drive around the beautiful landscapes of Eastern Sicily

Discover the spectacular beauty and heritage of eastern Sicily. Experience the true magic of the island with this self-drive tour of eastern Sicily, visiting the most beautiful destinations of this region. You will have the chance to visit places like Catania, Etna, Taormina, Syracuse, Noto.

4 Days Self Drive experience around the routes of Eastern Sicily highlights: 

  • Discover the eastern part of Sicily at your own will
  • Self-drive tour of eastern Sicily to experience true freedom
  • Visit the most magnificent destinations of eastern Sicily
  • Explore the city of Catani and admire the mighty Etna volcano
  • Discover the Sicilian Baroque and the archaeological treasures of Syracuse

4 Days Self Drive experience around the routes of Eastern Sicily

Day 1: Arrival in Catania

The eastern part of Sicily contains the largest cities of the island and the imposing Etna with its legendary craters.You will start the Sicily adventure after you arrive at the airport in Catania and visit the car rental office to start the experience.You will be able to explore Catania and its heritage right from the first day. You will visit the attractions of Catania and there are many marvelous landmarks to discover and admire, including the impressive Cathedral of Sant’Agata, the beautiful Piazza Duomo with the unique lava stone elephant, the Roman amphitheater, the Piazza Universita, the old fish market or the Via Crociferi with its splendid Monastery of St. Benedict.Many of these late Roman, medieval and Baroque treasures are included in the UNESCO World Heritage.After the visit of Catania and its marvels, the overnight will be in a hotel of the city center.

Day 2: Etna and Taormina

The exceptional self-drive tour of eastern Sicily continues with the visit of the majestic Etna, the highest volcano of Europe and an inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site.You will have the chance to see the Silvestri Craters, inactive today but surrounded by lava sediments.The day continues with a tour of Taormina on the Ionian coast.Beautifully located in an idyllic place along the coast and with the silhouette of Etna behind, Taormina is truly fascinating, with its historical monuments and natural charm.You can visit the Greek Theater, the Cathedral of Taormina and the Corvaja Palace, or you can experience shopping along the Corso Umberto.Overnight will be in Catania.

Day 3: Syracuse and Noto

The third day of this magnificent tour of Sicily in a rental car will allow you to discover and admire the superb Sicilian Baroque architecture.You will first visit Syracuse, the largest and most beautiful Greek colony in Sicily, where you will explore the Neapolis Archaeological Park, included in UNESCO heritage. Here you will discover ancient treasures like the Greek Theater, the Roman Amphitheater, the Latomie del Paradiso and the Ear of Dionysius.You can also visit the idyllic Ortigia Island with the white Cathedral and the Fountain of Arethusa. The next destination will be Noto, also known as “the garden of stone”, the true capital of the Sicilian baroque architecture.The small town is included in the UNESCO World heritage and exhibits a rare example of an open city with stupendous architecture in every street. The overnight will also be in Catania.

Day 4: Cyclops Riviera and Acireale

The mini self-drive tour of Eastern Sicily will end along the fascinating Cyclops Riviera, with the mythical rocks that emerge from the sea. Along the coast, you will discover authentic and charming villages of Sicily like Acicastello and Acitrezza, as well as many picturesque panoramas.The last stop will be a visit of Acireale, where you can admire the architecture of the city center, with historical lava stone buildings and other treasures.The tour will end with departure to the airport and car drop-off.If you have more time to spend in Sicily, our 10 Days Self Drive Tour is perfect for you.