Panoramic Tour of Palermo and Mondello on a vintage car

Panoramic Tour of Palermo and Mondello on a vintage car

3 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Panoramic excursion around the best of Palermo and Mondello on a vintage car

With this unique tour we visit the city of Palermo aboard a vintage car. You will travel the streets of the historic center, admiring the beautiful attractions of the Sicilian capital, and listening to the stories of the population that have occupied this area.

Panoramic Trip around Palermo and Mondello on a vintage car highlights: 

  • Visit the city of Palermo on a vintage car
  • Discover the beauties and the beautiful stories of the city
  • Admire the view of Monte Pellegrino and the beach of Mondello
  • Listen to the stories of the palaces of the cities and of the people that have lived here
  • Let your guide enchant you with his expertise and knowledge

Panoramic Trip around Palermo and Mondello on a vintage car

Thanks to this Private Tour in a vintage car, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, famous for its history and a meeting place for different cultures.Moving comfortably into the old center of a classic car, you will discover the secrets of the places that made Palermo one of the most fascinating destination in the Mediterranean.

A tour in a vintage car to the historic center of Palermo

This tour of the historic center of Palermo in vintage car will last about three hours, during which visit the Sicilian capital, known for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy for millennia, a meeting point between different cultures, and that He has invested an important role in the history of the Mediterranean and Italy.

Admire Mount Pellegrino or the seaside neighborhood village of Mondello

You'll also be able to admire the wonderful surroundings of Monte Pellegrino, the most famous mountain in Palermo, where is situated the shrine of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint venerated in the city, and where you can admire from the Conca d'Oro, the plain on which Palermo lies.
You can then take a trip to Mondello, seaside village and popular holiday resort of Palermo, famous for its beautiful beaches and elegant villas. Our guide, in addition to driving the car, it will outline the history of the places you visit.

Discover the history and traditions of Palermo

Let your professional driver, who will also be your local guide, tell you everything about Palermo's history. Sit back and get ready to listen to the legends and secrets of the city's palaces and to know the stories and lives of people who lived in these places.
The guide will offer you an essential historical overview of Palermo, which, with its long history, has a remarkable and unique artistic and architectural heritage.
Typically, immersing yourself in the experience of Palermo traffic is not recommended at all, but there are certain times when the city is quiet and the ancient streets shine from the unique magic of the past. Seeing is believing!

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