Tour around Palermo to discover the important places of the fights against Mafia

Tour around Palermo to discover the important places of the fights against Mafia

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Excursion around Palermo to discover the places of the fights against Mafia

Palermo is one of the most beautiful cities of Sicily, but it is also famous for its continuous fight against the Mafia. During this anti-mafia group tour, you will visit many places that honor the people who have fought against this serious problem, such as the Square of Remembrance.

Activity around Palermo to discover the places of the fights against Mafia highlights: 

  • Discover the culture of Sicily and Palermo, by visiting the narrow streets of this city, while you are accompanied by a member of the anti-racketeering movement.
  • Find out interesting information about a famous association created with the purpose of fighting the Mafia, a real problem for Palermo and the whole region of Sicily.
  • Discover monuments that celebrate the people who have sacrificed their life while trying to establish a culture of legality in Palermo
  • Admire the astonishing Cathedral of the city, overlooking Via Vittorio Emanuele, while one participant of "Addiopizzo" association will provide you fascinating information about the priests and bishops who have fight for a better society.
  • Visit the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, well-known for its delicious Sicilian food since 1834.

Activity around Palermo to discover the places of the fights against Mafia

On this Walking Tour of Palermo, you will have the chance to discover the culture of this city, and the modern events linked to the "Mafia" criminal organization. You will admire the monuments the celebrate the sacrifices of people who gave their life to establish a culture of legality in Sicily. 
Piazza della Memoria (Square of Remembrance) is one of these monuments, and it's built between the old and the new court of the city.

Enjoy the picturesque atmosphere of Palermo

The beautiful city of Palermo needs to be discovered in its depths, especially if you like to immerse yourself in a charming atmosphere, with narrow streets, incredible landscapes, historical buildings, and breathtaking panoramic views.
The old town offers some exquisite places where you can take wonderful pictures, as well delight your senses with delicious traditional snacks.
You will be guided by someone who is able to provide you not only important historical and cultural information about Palermo and the Mafia: an activits of Addiopizzo Association but also recommend you some of the best places for shopping and eating out in this city.

Discover the amazing fight of this city's personalities against Mafia

"Mafia" is a word often linked to Sicily nowadays, as it has dominated this region for centuries.
However, there have been serious movements against it, and Palermo's personalities, as well as ordinary citizens, have tried to remove the Mafia and its influences from the area.
This group tour includes a visit to the most representative places of Palermo that showcase this continuous daily struggle of the city.
You will get to know some of the characters who are actively engaged in fighting the phenomenon of racketeering. One of the places that testify this fight against the Mafia is the Square of Remembrance, located between the old and the new Court of Palermo.
Here, the sacrifice of the judges who died while fighting against Mafia's important leaders, such as Falcone and Borsellino, is remembered and honored.

A unique culinary experience

Besides the historical and cultural importance of Palermo, and its magnificent beauty, you also have the opportunity of enjoying a unique culinary experience.
There are numerous exquisite restaurants in this city, but you can also opt for the typical street food of Palermo. Some of the dishes that you should not miss are "panelle","arancini", "cannolo" and "cassatelle".
This group tour also includes, in fact, a visit to the famous Antica Focacceria San Francesco, where you will have the chance to discover Palermo's street food.
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