Excursion to discover the caves of the Mount Etna, from Catania

Excursion to discover the caves of the Mount Etna, from Catania

9 h
Eco & Outdoor Activities
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Day trip experience departing from Catania to Etna caves

If you want to live the experience of a lifetime, then dare to discover the unique and spectacular caves of Mount Etna, which is the highest active volcano in Europe. The scenic beauty of the mountain is breathtaking, and will leave you waiting for more! 

Activity to discover the caves of the Mount Etna, from Catania highlights: 

  • Uncover the Cave of Serra Cozzo, generated by lava decades ago in 1971
  • Experience one of the most spectacular trekking itineraries in Europe
  • Embrace the beauty of Etna’s extraordinary landscapes that will take your breath away
  • Find out a myriad of interesting details concerning the caves and the mount itself
  • Enjoy the picturesque views into the Mount Etna’s unparalleled caves

Activity to discover the caves of the Mount Etna, from Catania

Join our inspiring tour of the caves of Mount Etna departing from Catania, and prepare to explore the volcano with a unique trekking experience through naturalistic paths.

Uncover the unique caves of Mount Etna and their hidden secrets

Embark on this unique adventure and prepare yourself for a rewarding experience. The route of this group tour will enable you to catch a glimpse of the stunning yet typical lava caves, with the most famous being Cave of Serra Cozzo.
This particular cave is acknowledged as one of the most interesting ones, from this side of the volcano. As we walk inside, you’ll be amazed to discover unbelievable stalactites, blisters, and incredible shelves that overlap lava.

Allow yourself to be amazed at nature’s spectacles

This cave is encompassed inside the eruptive fissure. Plus, it’s genuinely unusual because of the presence of a section that is shaped like a keyhole. This section is no wider than 3 meters, with a height of a few meters, and it’s genuinely unusual.
But we won’t stop there. On the vault, you will be able to notice an array of intriguing openings. The next spot is featured as a steep, tunnel slide, being 350 meters long and two meters wide. The walls of the cave are opaque while at the same time retaining a natural glassy shine.

Marvel at Bove Valley’s breathtaking landscapes

We will continue our group tour through the luxurious, lush vegetation of birch trees. You will get the chance to notice the cross valleys that resulted after the latest volcanic eruptions. And, at last, you will arrive at the dominant point of the mount.
Here, you can stare for hours at the spectacular views and feel as if time has remained still. Bove Valley offers a landscape that is absolutely unbelievable. Evidently, it’s no surprise that Mount Etna is acknowledged as one of the central Sicilian symbols while at the same time being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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