Guided Tour of the historic centre of Cagliari by Night

Guided Tour of the historic centre of Cagliari by Night

2 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided visit around the main attractions of Cagliari by night

Don’t miss this unique night tour of the historic districts of Cagliari. Accompanied by an expert tour guide, you will admire all the most fascinating alleys, squares, monuments and places of interest in the city centre, magically embellished by the evening illumination.

Guided excursion of the historic centre of Cagliari by Night highlights: 

  • Admire this wonderful, magical city at night
  • Explore the historic centre, through its picturesque cobbled alleys
  • Learn legends and anecdotes of the city from your expert guide
  • Visit the main landmarks of Cagliari, prettily illuminated
  • Enjoy the lively might-life and taste a delicious local beer

Guided excursion of the historic centre of Cagliari by Night

The beautiful city of Cagliari, perched upon a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its generous sun and its beautiful attractions. But during the night, Cagliari becomes even more fascinating, with the charming illumination and the lively atmosphere of the night-life.

A guided walking tour of Cagliari by night

You will meet your expert guide in the evening in Piazza Yenne, a central square located in the very heart of the city. From there, you will descend through Largo Carlo Felice, one of the most glorious streets in the city.
Once you will arrive in the port area, recently renovated, you will enjoy a walking tour of Via Roma, a long colonnade street, covered by imposing arcades, full of shops and traditional eateries. And as you walk through this characteristic street, you will admire splendid views of the sea by night.  

Explore the districts of the historic centre by night

You will then enter the district of “La Marina”, characterized by its seven old churches: each of those has an interesting story to tell, and as you admire their stunning facades under the night illumination, your guide will tell you everything about their origins and legends.
Slowly walking up the hill, where is the most ancient district of Cagliari (Castello = the castle), you will admire several attractions, al prettily illuminated: the ramparts of Saint Remy and Santa Croce, the Pisan towers, the Santa Maria Cathedral and the Royal Palace.

Discover the charm of Cagliari by night with this guided tour

The main districts of Marina and Castello, located in the heart of the historic centre, are crowded with picturesque squares, monuments and old churches. Your expert guide will tell you fascinating legends and anecdotes about the origins of the city, and as you walk through the cobbled streets at night you will breathe the fascinating atmosphere from the past.
Finally, you will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Cagliari by night from the terrace of Castello.
The tour ends with a free local beer sample and a small selection of tasty Sardinian specialities.