Tour of Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison Underground

Tour of Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison Underground

2 h
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Discover the Underground of Rome: Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison

Experience a full tour of Tiber Island and the underground of St. Nicholas in Prison Church. An amazing journey that begins on the beautiful, boat-shaped Tiber island, to discover an ancient church that hides the secrets of three antiquated temples.

Amazing tour of Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison Underground highlights: 

  • Discover some of the most ancient ruins in all of Rome
  • Follow the trail the Roman's did on a daily basis to get to their vegetable and cattle markets
  • Explore the ancient history of Tiber Island
  • Travel some of the oldest known trails in Roman History
  • Truly experience Roman's history in person

Amazing tour of Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison Underground

With this tour you will discover the story and the legends about the Tiber Island and St. Nicholas in Prison Church, in the centre of Rome: two ancient places that tell the story of the Ancient Rome.

Discover the Tiber Island, the only island on the Tiber River in Rome

Start this tour by entering Tiber Island via one of its two bridges, two of the oldest and most ancient in Rome: the Ponte Fabricio, the only original bridge in all of Rome, which connects the island from the northeast to the Field of Mars in the rione Sant’Angelo, or the Ponte Cestio which connects the island to Trastevere on the south. 
Upon entering the Tiber Island you will come upon an ancient church that hides the secrets of three ancient temples. It is truly a fascinating way to discover ancient Rome underneath the cobblestones. It is an immerse underground tour for anyone fascinated with the mysteries of places ignored by the “normal” tourists.

Visit St. Nicholas in Prison, a church built over Roman ruins

Leaving the island, you will go to the close St. Nicholas in Prison Basilica. Entering the church, you will see it is built entirely on three Roman temples, which were constructed in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. These temples are uniquely set apart from others because they are not Imperial, they are instead Republican-Era: this makes these temples possibly the oldest in all of Rome. 
You will then enter the crypt under the alter and descend into the underground level: you will visit the open spaces, which where once completely open to sky, and travel along the same path many Roman's once did to and from their cattle and vegetable markets on a daily route.  

An underground tour to discover the legends of Rome

The only way to experience the oldest history in Rome is through this tour. You will be in the vicinity of the oldest known structures in all of Rome! This is really one of the most interesting and immersive tours you can take anywhere in the world.
Your professional guide will tell you some legends about the area. One legend which pertains to Tiber Island says that after the death of the Tyrant Tarquinius Superbus, the angry men and women of ancient Rome took his body and threw it into the Tiber River. His body then proceeded to settle to the bottom of the river where dirt and silt slowly accumulated, leading to the formation of Tiber Island. Many other legends and stories follow this ancient place, awaiting for you to listen and learn!