Small Group Guided Tour of S. Clementes Church and its Undergrounds

Small Group Guided Tour of S. Clemente's Church and its Undergrounds

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Excellent small group guided tour of San Clemente Basilica! Very interesting!

Kenneth O.

San Clemente's Basilica and Underground small group tour

Join this unique tour of San Clemente Basilica in Rome, a fascinating trip in history to discover the amazing characteristic of this historical treasure. This small group tour in Rome lets you visit the three old stages of San Clemente Basilica, and the Curch of Santi Quattro Coronati.

Guided Tour of San Clemente Basilica and its Undergrounds highlights: 

  • Exclusive guided tour of San Clemente Basilica
  • Fascinating tour in Rome to discover the history of San Clemente Basilica
  • Visit the 12th century basilica and admire the beautiful mosaics
  • Explore the lower levels of previous religious buildings beneath the basilica
  • Visit the Church of Santi Quattro Coronati

Guided Tour of San Clemente Basilica and its Undergrounds

A small group tour to discover the beautiful San Clemente Basilica and its Underground in Rome.

Discover the impressive basilica of San Clemente in Rome

As one of the most impressive and enchanting destination in the world, Rome has many things to offer, a wealth of historical and cultural heritage sites that cannot be matched by another place on Earth. For thousands of years, the eternal city of Rome has been regarded as one of the most majestic places, revered by people from afar. As a traveler to Rome, there are many things to see and do, but this small group tour in Rome to discover the fascinating basilica of San Clemente explores a less known attraction of Rome. A history lesson that goes back to the 1st century, this amazing experience in Rome will uncover a historical and architectural treasure.

Explore the three stages of the San Clemente Basilica with a small group tour

Avoid the waiting lines and get in easily to visit the San Clemente Basilica with this small group tour in Rome. The amazing basilica of San Clemente is located close to the Coliseum in the heart of Rome, offering a fascinating trip into the past of Rome, with 3 different stages and levels to explore. The tour of San Clemente Basilica in Rome starts with the 12th century basilica that was built by Cardinal Anastasius. Among the most impressive features of this beautiful attraction in Rome, you will get to admire the apse and floor mosaics with wonderful characteristic and decorations, as well as other architectural treasures.

Learn more about the amazing basilica of San Clemente from our guide

The San Clemente Basilica in Rome small group tour will then descend to the earlier 4th century earlier basilica, learning more about its frescoes and architecture from your expert guide. You will also discover details about the life of Saint Clement and hidden features of this small wonder of Rome. Lastly, the inspiring activity in Rome will descend even further, to the first building which stood on this place dating from the 1st century Republican era. You will get to explore the altar of the cult of Mithras and the Mithraic Schoolroom, as well as other secret rooms and characteristics. 
After that, you will get to visit the Church of Saint Quattro Coronati Church and Chiostro. You will get to visit with the guide the Cloister, the Oratorio of San Silvestro. The ensemble of buildings still shows the severe character it had during the Middle Ages, when it was used as a defensive bastion for the nearby Basilica di San Giovanni e del Patriarchio. You will visit the Church from the inside, with its typical medeival structure, and then the tour will end. 

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Reviews of Small Group Guided Tour of S. Clemente's Church and its Undergrounds

Reviewed by Kenneth O. from

Alicia, our tour guide, was excellent.

Such an informative and educational tour of the church, all three levels.