Small Group guided Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

Small Group guided Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

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our guide was funny, interesting and knowledgeable

Andrew M.
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Guided Visit activity to the Colosseum and roman forum for Small Groups

This Colosseum small group tour is designed for a maximum of twelve participants at a time, and will take you through the most important landmarks and monuments of Ancient Rome. You'll visit several different temples, the world-famous Colosseum and the Imperial Forums.

Semi private and guided Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum highlights: 

  • No waiting in line for anyone on this tour – at the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, and every other stop you’ll get to skip the line and proceed onward immediately
  • Go back in time nearly 3,000 years to the legendary founding of the Eternal City of Rome
  • Visit world-famous monuments such as the Pantheon, and make a wish on a coin thrown into the Trevi Fountain
  • Explore several of the most renowned temples of Ancient Rome, including those of Vesta, Julius Caesar, Romulus, Pius, Faustina, and more
  • Pass through the Arch of Septimius Severus and conclude the tour at the Capitol

Semi private and guided Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

Retrace nearly 3,000 years of glorious history on this small group tour, and visit Colosseum, Roman Forum and Ancient Rome's most important sites. 

Visit Colosseum, one of the landmarks of Rome

This small group tour, capped at one dozen people at maximum to ensure optimal experiences for all participants, begins at the world-famous Colosseum, one of the most important monuments of Rome. Passing through, you will move to the Roman Forum, where your guide will educate you on the history and formation of the Ancient Roman Republic.

Move to Roman Forum, tha centre of the political life in Ancient Rome

You will pass through the Arch of Titus, inspiration for triumphal arches the world over, and visit several of Rome's most renowned temples, including those of the Divine Julius Caesar and Rome's legendary Founder, Romulus. Moving onward, you will pass the arch of Settimo Severino on the way to the Campidoglio, one of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, today home of Rome's city hall.

Learn more about Colosseum, Roman Forum and Ancient Rome!

Roman Forum is one of the most important site of Ancient Rome, the true centre of the political and economic life of that age: by choosing this small group tour you will be able to visit it, but what about a virtual tour bakc in 2000 years? Take a look at this video to have an idea of what the Roman Forum was at its acme.

More eXPeriences to discover Colosseum, Roman Forum and Ancient Rome!

If you are looking for the most exclusive way to explore Colosseum and Roman Forum, don't forget to take a look to the private tour of Ancient Rome, for an unforgettable experience while in Rome. Otherwise, if you are looking for something within your budget, try the Colosseum and Roman Forum group tour.

Reviews of Small Group guided Tour of Colosseum and Roman Forum

Reviewed by Andrew M. from

Francesca the young lady who guided us around

Only 4 people on out tour. This was a a real bonus. Anyone can walk you around and deliver facts. However our guide was funny, interesting and knowledgeable. we had a great time and would definitely recommend using ItalyXP. The following day we went on a tour of the Vatican with another company which in comparison was terrible. I am not sure if ItalyXP do this tour as well, but if they do, chose them for both. If you can only chose one go to the colosseum. Thanks Francesca. My wife and I had a great experience Andy & Kim M from London
Reviewed by Robert Y. from

Thorough, knowledgable, and a complete history lesson well presented by our guide Sarah....exceptional!

Our guide led us through a fascinating history of one of the most intriguing cities in the world. Her historical and architectural knowledge brought us back in time. Worth every euro. The group is smaller, you skip the line, and away you go,
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

Great Guide, made it highly interesting.

Great tour with made better by a guide that likes her job and minds the people in the tour.
Reviewed by Andrew B. from

A great tour and the guide was exceptional!

Very organized and skipping the line was a huge advantage as the crowds were very large the day we attended. We never had to wait and our guide was extremely good at her job. Bravo!