Roma Things to do: Private tour with guide of the Domus Aurea in Rome

Roma Things to do: Private tour with guide of the Domus Aurea in Rome

1 h
min 15
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Guided visit and private tour to the Domus Aurea in Rome

A private tour to discover Nero's Domus Aurea in Rome: the Golden House that testifies one of the Emperor's most extravagant projects.

Private guided Tour in Rome to visit the Domus Aurea highlights: 

  • Join this private tour of the ancient Domus Aurea of Nero
  • Discover the history of the complex so hated by the ancient citizens of Rome because of its controversial history
  • Visit the remains that have survived the destruction of the Domus after the emperor's death
  • Take advantage of this in private experience, and make the most of your visit
  • Listen to your prepared local guide who will accompany you during the tour

Private guided Tour in Rome to visit the Domus Aurea

In this private tour, you will be visiting one of the most unbelievable complexes of Ancient Rome – The Domus Aurea, which is one of Emperor Nero’s most extravagant projects.

Discover the Domus Aurea

Situated in the heart of ancient Rome, Domus Aurea is an enormous landscaped villa built after the Great Fire that destroyed two-thirds of Rome in AD 64. The name Domus Aurea means ‘Golden House’, which is literal because the hallways were decorated almost entirely in gold and precious stones.

Admire this amazing complex

This huge villa is extravagantly crafted, boasting many spacious rooms, an amphitheatre, a bath-gymnasium complex, artificial lake and even a market.
During its golden time, there were hundreds of statues, fountains, paintings and looted treasures from the cities of the Orient within this obnoxiously built residence.

Discover the controversial history of Domus Aurea

After Nero’s death, his successors successfully concealed the existence of this entire Palace and its treasures until it resurfaced during the Renaissance period.
At that time, they tried to bury all trace of the palace, so hated by the population as built thanks to the plunder of the citizens of Rome.
Demolished to make space to the Baths of Trajan and deprived of its decorations, the Domus and its rich frescoes and lavish reliefs, remained hidden until the Renaissance.
Of the original complex, what is visible today is the pavilion below the Termal Baths, the building walls  of the “Nero’s Ninfeo” and a part of the “Arcus Neroniani”.

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