Private and guided tour of Colosseum and Undergrounds, with skip the line tickets.

Private and guided tour of Colosseum and Undergrounds, with skip the line tickets.

2 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Skip the Line!

Guided visit in private group to the Colosseum and underground

This is your chance to see the Colosseum and its Underground rooms like you've never seen them before. The most dreaded, but fascinating place of the Roman Empire can now unfold before your very eyes on this private tour of the newly restored Colosseum, Arena and Underground rooms.

Private tour and guided visit of Colosseum and Underground highlights: 

  • Enjoy an intimate viewing of these incredible pieces of history, including the Colosseum, the Underground rooms and the Arena.
  • Admire the beautiful Porta Libitinaria, also restored together with the historical monuments.
  • Witness the Underground rooms where slaves were held captive with the animals who were soon to be released to kill them.
  • Experience the Underground rooms on this unique private tour, to get an idea of what it was like to prepare for the fight of your life.
  • Explore the famous Arena where lions and other merciless beasts fought slaves in gladiatorial games meant to entertain the blood-thirsty crowd.

Private tour and guided visit of Colosseum and Underground

Seeing the Colosseum is a once in a lifetime thing and the best way to do it is on an intimate private tour in Rome; you will feel like travelling through time.

Admire the magnificent Colosseum

Witness the recently restored Arena and Underground rooms and allow yourself to become immersed in the forgotten world of the gladiatorial games. Step through Porta Libitinaria and visit everything at your own pace and take the time to admire these long-standing pieces of history that will continue to dazzle generations to come. Imagine the carnage that unfolded here thousands of years before and listen to the crowds roaring as the beasts were released and the gladiators fought to the death.

Step into the Arena

The Arena is one of the absolute highlights of this private tour, with thousands upon thousands of people waiting to experience this impressive Italian location. It is hard to believe that you will have access to the very place where slaves were engaged in gladiatorial fights to the death with hungry, enraged beasts or with other gladiators, to the delight of the audience, who expected a bloodbath. Step into the Arena and picture the years of human suffering that took place in this outdoor theatre of monumental proportions. 

Explore the Underground rooms of the Colosseum

The most impressive part of this private tour is yet to come in the Underground rooms. Not nearly as well-known or as popular as the Arena, but infinitely more fascinating, the Underground of the Colosseum is where the slaves were kept, as well as the animals, and where they were prepared to fight. This is where they waited for their turn to step into the Arena and where all the behind the scenes action took place. There is so much unknown to be discovered in these underground spaces, and as you descend into the Underground Colosseum, you will feel like you are entering a past world ready to be explored on this intimate experience. 

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