Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar

Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar

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Good effort by our guide.

Robert Z.
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Guided Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar – almost universally acknowledged in perhaps as one of the greatest figures in the history of Mankind. Come and retrace the steps of the Conqueror through Rome on his final day, as he walked forward into a betrayal the likes of which the World has not seen since.

Private visit of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar highlights: 

  • Follow in the footsteps of the great general and emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar, during his final day on Earth
  • Learn about the history of the time, and how Caesar was both a product of it as well as one of its most influential shapers
  • Visit some of Rome’s most famous landmarks, such as the Roman Forums, the Theatre of Marcellus, and the Largo Argentina
  • Relieve the story romanticized in Shakespeare’s immortal play, Julius Caesar
  • Contemplate the mystery of a murder and betrayal so powerful, it quite literally helped shape the world we live in today

Private visit of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar. The name itself is evocative; for many it conjures up imagery of Ancient Rome, legions marching hither and thither, and a government that once spanned the known world. While the facts surrounding his life are known to most, what were Caesar's life, and death, really like? Find out on this tour, as you join a private guide to recreate the final day in the life of Rome's most controversial and revered figure.

A private tour to explore some of the best attractions in the centre of Rome

You'll learn about the history and politics of the era, about Caesar's tumultuous rise to power, and his eventual assassination at the hands of former friends and colleagues. You'll also have the opportunity to visit firsthand many of Rome's greatest landmarks and architectural treasures, many of which have been standing since Caesar's time.

Visit the Roman Forum and discover the story of Julius Caesar

You will travel from the Largo Argentina to the Portico of Octavia, onward to the Theater of Marcellus, finally ending up at the Roman Forum, from whence Caesar once thundered his orations and rose through the ranks from general to statesman and eventually Consul. This tour will truly help bring to life the times and final hours of one of history's most notable, interesting, and enigmatic figures. 

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Reviews of Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Julius Caesar

Reviewed by Robert Z. from

Very informative.. the tour guide kept us interested

Good effort by our guide.
Reviewed by JGabis from United States

Coliseum with Alessandro

We spent two weeks all over Italy as a group of 5. Alessandro's tour of the Coliseo was the unanimous favorite part of our visit! And we are a very picky group! His academic training helped bring to life ancient Rome. His love of his career was clearly evident in his presentations; He was able to use technology to assist and illustrate his points. When we return to the Eternal City, we will be requesting Alessandro again!! Thanks for giving us the best tour we've ever had!