Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggios Art

Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggio's Art

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Guided Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggio's Art

Noted art historian Andre Berne-Joffoy once said of someone "What beings in [their] work is, quite simply, modern painting." That artist is Caravaggio. Come and explore the revolutionary style of the master that gave birth to modern art with a tour in the places that influenced his works and life.

Private activity of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggio's Art highlights: 

  • Discover the birth of modern painting techniques as you admire some of the most famous and important works of the Master Artist Caravaggio.
  • Learn how Rome and Caravaggio both influenced one another over a period of nearly two decades
  • Combine culture, history, and art together in one incredible tour.
  • Visit some of the sites that were most important to the development of Caravaggio as an artist.
  • Hear the stories of the salons of the Roman nobility of the Renaissance, and how the revolutionary painter produced his pieces in such a climate

Private activity of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggio's Art

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio lived in Rome for approximately 15 years. You'll join a knowledgeable private tour guide and travel through the city of Rome, discovering some of the most famous masterpieces of one of its most famous artists.

Discover the story of Caravaggio, one of the greatest Italian artist of all times

Your guide will educate you on the history and political climate of the time, and explain how the work of the Master was revolutionary for the period. You will examine many of the most famous of his pieces, and be able to see for yourself the birth of modern painting technique

Visit the places where Caravaggio worked and lived in Rome 

You'll visit three separate and distinct sites, each of which boasts a number of unique pieces of art by Caravaggio. First, you will visit the Basilica of Sant'Agostino, where the famous Madonna di Loreto resides. Next, you will move on to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo and view the Crucifixion of St. Peter and the Conversion on the Way to Damascus.

A private tour to discover an hidden side of Rome 

The Private Tour of Caravaggio ends at the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, which holds three canvasses by the Master: The Calling of St. Matthew, The Inspiration of St. Matthew, and The Martyrdom of St. Matthew. So, what are you waiting for? Come and witness the work of the Master who arguably gave birth to modern painting, on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime tour through Rome. 

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Reviews of Private Tour of the Centre of Rome to Discover Caravaggio's Art

Reviewed by michael a from Canada

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My family and I recently visited Rome, and had the best time we could ever have expected with this private tour company. Our tour guide was awesome, both in her knowledge and depth of understanding of every piece of Rome. Her passion, friendliness and down to earth nature made it a sheer pleasure to have found this company. Of course the bonus was no queuing in the lines, little crowds and above all the ability to see the sites before it gets insanely busy! We had many tips for restaurants and cafes that only Romans go to and love, and above all we made a connection with a true Italian who loves her job, and treats you like a person, rather than a number in a group.
Reviewed by Joan S from

Exceeded all Expectations

Visiting Rome for the 5th time and being a tourist guide myself I went with a specific goal. I wanted to walk in Caravaggio's footsteps. I booked 3 private tours with them: an extended tour of the Vatican(4hrs) and 2 tours concentrating on Caravaggio: Borghese Gallery and In the Footsteps of Caravaggio. Stefania Pistone was our guide and after two days of intensive touring with her I can say that I learnt more than in my 4 previous visits to the city. Her in-depth knowledge about art and Caravaggio and her impeccable delivery were second to none. She also delved into the masterpieces of Bernini, Michelangelo and Raphael describing each piece meticulously as we went along. She made it so interesting that she captivated our attention from beginning to end but without being overbearing. Her recommendations regarding restaurants were such a help. She provided a map indicating genuine eateries serving traditional Roman food. Thank you Stefania for such a memorable experience. You surely exceeded my very high expectations.