Italian Wine Tasting with Sommelier in the Centre of Rome

Italian Wine Tasting with Sommelier in the Centre of Rome

2 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Accesible
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I would definitely do this again and I learned a lot during our tasting


Small Group Wine Tasting in a Wine Bar in the Centre of Rome

Italian wines are renowned throughout the world as some of the best vintages on Earth. On this special experience, you will get the opportunity to taste some of the finest Italian wine in an exclusive wine bar near the center of Rome, guided by our experienced sommelier every step of the way.

Wine Tasting with expert Sommelier in the Centre of Rome highlights: 

  • Treat yourself to some of the finest Italian wine vintages available; no matter whether you prefer white, red, or blush, you’ll certainly find something you love
  • Experience meets at a prestigious wine bar located in the center of Rome – a great place to meet new people
  • Be guided through the world of Italian wine guided by an expert sommelier who can help educate you about the various subtle aspects of flavor and scent
  • Learn to recognize the great buys of the main Italian wine brands, and even get to make a few purchases
  • Return home with something that represents the best of Italy – a bottle of our wine

Wine Tasting with expert Sommelier in the Centre of Rome

If you ask the average person what comes to mind when they think of Italy, you'll hear two answers more commonly than any others: wine, and food.
Indeed, wine is one of the very cornerstones upon which Italian cultural heritage is based. This experience will help educate you about Italian wine, as well as give you the opportunity to taste some of the most delicious wines on offer at one of Rome's best wine bars.
You will be accompanied for the duration of the experience by our expert sommelier, who will assist you by providing suggestions on wines that will best suit your taste, or pair the best with meals you may be planning.
You'll also have the chance to enlarge your own personal wine cellar by stocking up on a few bottles while you're here. If you're worried about being able to carry everything, don't fret, we will send it and your journey in Italy will go on with no worries.
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Best wine tasting in Rome!

You cannot wait to dive into the flavors of the Roman culinary traditions? Then you might be interested in an even more complete and intense eXPerience: the Wine Tasting Tour Deluxe, with eight Italian high-quality wines, typical culinary products and a qualified Sommelier at your disposal!

Reviews of Italian Wine Tasting with Sommelier in the Centre of Rome

Reviewed by GaryjW2014 from United States

A true Sommelier Experience

Spent 3 hours at this event and learned more about wine tasting at this sessions than the many American wine tasting events I have attended in the past. Exquisite wines paired with cheeses, meats and fruits that were mind blowing. Finding the site was bit tricky but definitely worth seeking this out. One of the highlights in my trip to Italy.
Reviewed by Shauna C. from United States

Fantastic wine tasting

Nine of my girlfriends and I had a private wine tasting with Alessandro Pepe. Most of us are far from wine experts, and Alessandro adjusted the wine list after hearing our preferences. His selections were divine. And the food was delicious! Alessandro was informative without being boring. My friends and I laughed the whole time (a bit of that may have been due to all that wine). I highly recommend!
Reviewed by JT B. from Israel


One of the main highlights of our visit to Italy. We had s GREAT time. I highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks so much!!!
Reviewed by Amazing wine tasting from United States


This was a great experience! My husband and I have done similar tasting in Spain and France. This was a wonderful one as well. The sommelier was knowledgeable and entertaining! Food was excellent and we got the chance to meet and enjoy the company of some other travelers. For sure.....a 'do-over'!