1-Hour Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

1-Hour Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

1 h
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difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Ferrari test drive Roma

Grab the unique chance to drive a Ferrari car on the streets of Rome, one of the most exciting things to do in a lifetime. Our exclusive Ferrari test drive in Rome is the perfect way to delve into the authentic Italian lifestyle, experiencing what it feels like to drive an Italian supercar.

1-Hour Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome highlights: 

  • Thrilling activity in Rome that give you the chance to drive a Ferrari
  • Exclusive one hour Ferrari test drive experience in Rome
  • Explore the center of Rome in the true symbol of Italian supercars
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to be behind the wheel of a true Ferrari sportscar

1-Hour Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

Join If you ever feel the need for speed while visiting the magnificent city of Rome, we have just the thing for you.

Drive an authentic Ferrari in the streets of Rome

While most people only dream about driving an Italian sports car and never achieve such a thing, you can participate in our exciting activity in Rome, a one hour test drive in Rome with a Ferrari luxury car. Join our Supercar experience in Rome and understand what it feels like to be in the spotlight, to drive one of the fastest and most sought after cars in the world.
There are certainly many things to experience while traveling to Rome, visiting the beautiful the attractions and learning more about its fascinating past and culture, but a Ferrari test drive in Rome is certainly among the most inciting.

One of the best experiences to admire the sights of Rome

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of these speed demons, cruising the streets of Rome and immersing into the most authentic Italian high life and style. Our unique Ferrari test drive in Rome gives you the opportunity to choose among some of the most iconic and powerful Italian cars for the ultimate Italian Supercar Experience.
You will first receive a professional briefing from a certified driver before beginning the actual test drive. The test drive will be on board the world-famous Ferrari California: a truly unforgettable experience.

A 1-hour Ferrari test drive in the heart of Rome

This unforgettable activity in Rome starts in the center of the city and the duration depends on the itinerary, although it usually takes around one hour from start to finish. You will enjoy every last minute of this exceptional experience and remember the sensations forever.
Our exclusive Ferrari test drive in Rome is available each day from 10 am to 6 pm and from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm, so you just have to choose your preferred date and time for the most exhilarating hour of your life. If there was one thing to do in Rome in order to get a feel of the veritable Italian life, this has to be it, driving a Ferrari supercar on the amazing streets of Rome.