Luxury Dinner and Wine Tasting for Small Group in the center of Rome.

Luxury Dinner and Wine Tasting for Small Group in the center of Rome.

2 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Exclusive Dinner and Aperitif in the center of Rome

Experience a typical Italian evening with a wine tasting and luxurious dinner at Pantheon, and enjoy the best of Italian courses that will make you want to come here again and again.Set out on a journey that will bring an Italian sense to your taste buds.

Exclusive Dinner and Wine Tasting Tour in Rome for Small Groups highlights: 

  • Have a group dinner in an intimate atmosphere, where the party will be of a maximum of 10 people
  • Try some true Italian wine such as Prosecco paired with cold meat and cheese like Tome, Goats, Pecorino and Cheese vaccines
  • Spend a night in VIP style while you savor your delicious dinner.
  • Enjoy the stunning views from the location while engaging in conversations with a selected company which will ensure a personalized experience
  • Taste a selection of Italian style little patisserie that will make your taste buds cry out of joy

Exclusive Dinner and Wine Tasting Tour in Rome for Small Groups

You will be welcomed with a smile and a handshake in the very centre of Rome by the owners of the restaurant, who will make sure that this luxury dinner close to the Pantheon will remain in your memory forever! A small group, exclusive, typical experience in the Eternal City!

Start Your Evening with Class

The owner of the restaurant and your guida for the day, will try their best to make you feel at home, giving you the greatest priority and respect you as distinguished lovers of Italian cuisine. Your food guide will be there with you, guiding you on how to sample the food in order to obtain the best tasting experience at your luxury dinner. Be ready for an evening spent in VIP style, which will give you the authentic experience of the Italian upper-class life.

Eat Delicious Food in a Special Place

The Pantheon is known for various things, and is certainly one of Rome highlights. And, just some steps away, here's our restaurant of choice, to spend a perfect night in the company of nice people.
This place is also considered a secret passageway into the history of Rome, something that you will find out once you set foot in this marvelous family-restaurant. You will discover that while the restaurant was being renovated, the workers discovered an imposing statue from the Roman Empire at the cellar level. It is made out entirely of squared blocks and was incorporated in the cellars of the building in the sixteenth century. Not only does the place have delicious food, but it also has an impressive history.

Trip Through Your Senses with Italian Cuisine

Enjoy your luxury dinner consisting of aperitifs made of various cheese products, followed by Pasta Paccheri “Cacio e Pepe”, typical of the Italian Cuisine. Continue with the second course including beef, or an alternative selection of fish, vegetables and cheese. Lastly, let your taste buds explore the Italian pastry. Be ready for a trip through your taste senses where you will discover the best Italian food and wine