Pizza Cooking Class in Rome with an Italian Pizza Maker

Pizza Cooking Class and fun activity to do in Rome with an Italian Pizza Maker

1 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Make Your Own Italian Pizza with Our Cooking Lesson in Rome

Pizza and Italy are synonymous with each other and what better way to enjoy this culinary delight than making your own creation for you to enjoy. Join this cooking class in the center of Rome and learn how to prepare your pizza! Dinner is included!

Pizza Cooking Class in Rome with an Italian Pizza Maker highlights: 

  • Attend a Pizza Making Cooking Class in Rome for all ages
  • Meet the Chef and be guided through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough
  • Learn culinary techniques and tips
  • Try your hand at designing a pizza
  • And the best bit, eat your creation

Pizza and Italy go hand in hand. It is inconceivable to visit Italy without trying this iconic dish which has become popular the world over in its original setting.

A cooking class in the center of Rome to learn pizza-making art

Here you will have the chance to learn more about the secrets of this simple, yet delicious classic and discover why it is one of the country’s most successful exports. Indulge yourself in the flavors and aromas of Italy’s signature dish. Discover how to prepare the perfect Roman pizza and eat it too!

Meet a professional chef and learn his secrets!

What better location to become a master in the world of pizza than at our class at a popular restaurant, a mere stone’s throw away from the Trevi Fountain, is a 90-minute pizza making lesson perfect for all ages.
One of the chefs will guide you through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch, explaining techniques and tips on making the best dough, and teaching you how to dress your pizza properly. There is more to making the perfect pizza than meets the eye and in this class, you will discover exactly what is needed to become a master pizza maker.

Make your own pizza and taste it!

You will be given your own ingredients in order to top the pizza with whatever you like and experiment with various recipes. At the end, you will eat what you have prepared and discover whether your skill level is now that of a real "Pizzaiolo". Drink and dessert included.
This hands-on, family-friendly class is a fun and delicious experience for students of all ages! Tour ends after the dinner at the restaurant.

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