30-minutes Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

30-minutes Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

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min 30
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difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

30-minutes Ferrari Test Drive in the centre of Rome

Join our amazing activity in Rome, driving a Ferrari supercar on the streets of the city. We offer you the unforgettable chance to test drive a Ferrari in Rome, having one of the most exciting experiences while visiting the city. Get in the car of your dreams and live the Italian lifestyle.


  • Live the excitement and experience a Ferrari test drive in Rome
  • Enjoy one of the most thrilling half hour of your life
  • Drive an authentic Ferrari supercar on the streets of Rome
  • Take advantage of the most unique experience in Rome

Choose to experience the thrill and excitement of being inside one of the coolest cars in the world and even driving it in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Drive a Ferrari California in the streets of Rome

While visiting the heritage of Rome, you can also take advantage of our unique Ferrari test drive in Rome, a true symbol of the Italian lifestyle and love for style. While not many can afford to buy a real Ferrari, you will get the unique chance to test drive one of these iconic supercars.
What is even better is that you will drive your Ferrari on the streets of Rome, filled with fascinating sights and monuments. This will certainly be the most fast paced and exhilarating way to explore Rome.

Admire the best sights of Rome on board a true Ferrari

Just stop for a moment and imagine yourself behind the wheel of a red Ferrari in Rome and you will realize how this was always one of your dreams. This activity takes places in the center of Rome and before you set on your 30 minutes Ferrari test drive, a professional driver will brief you and follow on your itinerary through the city.
You will have this experience on board the famous Ferrari California. The 30 minutes Ferrari test drive in Rome will certainly be the highlight of any visit to Italy, one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

Experience a Ferrari test drive in the heart of Rome

This outstanding Ferrari test drive in Rome is available each day of the week, from 10 am to 6 pm and from 7.30 pm t0 10.30 pm, in the evening. You just have to choose the preferred date and hour to have everything prepared.
Book the best time of your journey to Italy and immerse into the luxurious life of the wealthiest people, experiencing one of the most amazing sensations ever while driving a Ferrari on the streets of Rome. More than just a test drive, this is among the things to do in a lifetime and few people ever have the chance to get inside an authentic Ferrari supercar.