Small Group Tour Close to Rome: Visit Ostia Antica, Departing from Rome

Small Group Tour Close to Rome: Visit Ostia Antica, Departing from Rome

4 h
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Excursion from Rome for small groups around Ostia Antica

A chance to see something different outside of Rome and delight in the peacefulness of Ostia Antica, an ancient site close to the city, but somehow feeling very, very far away at the same time. Meet a professional tour guide and discover the ancient port of Rome, on this amazing guided tour.

Small Group Tour of Ostia Antica, Departing from Rome highlights: 

  • Discover Ostia Antica, an ancient site outside the city on our guided tour
  • Feel yourself transported back in time in this unique place
  • Meet a professional tour guide and learn more about Ostia Antica
  • Learn more about the area´s relations with Rome

Small Group Tour of Ostia Antica, Departing from Rome

Escape the grind of Rome for half a day and visit Ancient Ostia in a small group accompanied by an expert guide. Here you will find out everything you could ever wish to know about this fascinating ancient site as you revel in its excavations.

Meet a licensed guide and discover Ostia Antica

Once inside, your guide will share with you essential information on this unique ancient city dating back as far as 640 BC. Ancient Ostia was once the harbour city of ancient Rome and according to the legend Ancus Marcius, destroyed Ficana, an ancient town that was located right by the River Tiber.
The first settlement can be traced back to the beginning of the 4th century B.C., immediately after the defeat of the Etruscan town of Veio, situated on the right bank of the river, which fell to the Roman army in 396 B.C. Ostia, the first Roman colony, became immediately a river port acquiring a commercial function to supply Rome with food stuff, particularly wheat, even if its strategic military function as naval base certainly prevailed.

Learn more about the story of Ostia Antica

During the first period of the Republic, the political control exercised by Rome over Ostia had been very strict, however, towards the end of the Republican period the city became more autonomous and began to enjoy more freedom.
The city was then surrounded by a new circle of protective walls, approximately 2 km longer, that are traditionally attributed to the era of Sulla, even though recent studies suggest that they were built in the mid 1st century B.C. under the auspice Cicero. Either way, you will feel immersed in history and transported back in time as you enjoy a side to Italy so close to Rome that will both surprise and delight you.

A 4-hours tour to discover the ancient port of Rome 

Enjoy a half day out away from the hustle and bustle of Rome and visit Ancient Ostia with a small group and an expert guide who will highlight the excavations of this fantastic ancient site. Comfortable tranport to and from the site means your day will be complete as you forget about the noise and crowds that are an ever-present in the capital and spend a memorable day of the usual tourists’ beatn track. 

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