Sorrento Coast by Vespa with trip to a Local Farm, with mozzarella tasting

Sorrento Coast by Vespa with trip to a Local Farm, with mozzarella tasting

8 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Sorrento Coast, amazing and different tour by Vespa

The Sorrento coast is one of the most characteristic of the Amalfi Coast and on this day tour, you will know it and reach it in the best way: on a Vespa! In fact, just riding a Vespa you will drive along the enchanting streets of the coast for a day of beauty!

Sorrento Coast by Vespa with visit to a Local Farm, with mozzarella tasting highlights: 

  • Discover the beauty of Sorrento Coast
  • Ride a Vespa on one of the smoothest roads along the coast
  • Pass through the towns of Marciano and Massa Lubrense
  • Enjoy the view over the Capri Island
  • Reach the towns of Termini and Sant’Agata

Sorrento Coast by Vespa with visit to a Local Farm, with mozzarella tasting

Once you take a look at the curvy road along the Sorrento Coast, it is hard to forget all those turns and the view they offer. The coast seems like the perfect path for a scooter. For half a day, join our tour on wheels and discover the gulfs of Naples and Sorrento.

Ride an Original Vespa Scooter

The group tour will provide you with a rental Vespa scooter and a special itinerary. You get to keep the scooter for half a day, along with the scooter and passenger insurance. The tour guide already took care of the local taxes and the third-party civil liability insurance. For your safety, you will also receive an anti-theft chain and a homologated helmet. In order to rent a scooter, you need to prove that you own a motorcycle license or a car license for the less powerful ones. Also, don't forget to bring an international driving license. Before you go on this group tour, make sure you learn about the Italian signage and driving rules.

Admire Enchanting Cities

Departing from Sorrento, our tour guide will lead you on his own Vespa to the town of Massa Lubrense. An old legend describes that this was the town where the mermaids charmed Ulysses. This is why the first name of the city was Sirenusion. Until you get to this magical city, you will pass by the town of Marciano and then admire Massa Lubrense. Marciano has medieval origins, and you can actually blend in with the history it holds. From Marciano, you can enjoy the view over the amazing Capri Island. This island is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The group tour will take you on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, where you can see the island through shimmering waters.

A bath in the Waters of Sorrento Coast

The group tour continues along the road that will take you to Nerano, where you will have some free time to jump into the crystal waters of the Sorrento coastline, or just enjoy a walk around.
On the other side of the city, you can get the view of the Gulf of Salerno. Heading then to Sant'Agata, we will have the chance to visit a local farm, where a small typical snack will be served. Back on your Vespas, we will then ride back down to Sorrento.