Private Tour of the Centre of Naples from Sorrento or the port of Naples

Private Tour of the Centre of Naples from Sorrento or the port of Naples

8 h
Shore Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Private Day Tour of Naples from Naples Port or Sorrento port

Are you in Naples or Sorrento and you want to visit the most beautiful places of the city? The private tour of the center of Naples is perfect for you. Advised and accompanied by a professional driver you can choose which of the dozens of attractions to enjoy.

Private Day Excursion from the port of Naples or Sorrento to the Centre of Naples highlights: 

  • Explore Naples through a spectacular private tour
  • You decide what to visit accompanied by a professional driver
  • Let advise you by an expert bilingual driver
  • Walking through alleys and squares, you can really go where you want
  • Do you prefer a museum and a walk around or a tour of the churches and the Royal Palace? You choose...

Private Day Excursion from the port of Naples or Sorrento to the Centre of Naples

The private tour of the historic center Naples offers you a chance to visit any part of the city you want, accompanied and advised by a professional driver (at disposal a total of 8 hours). You decide what to see, being able to choose amongst the many attractions of a place rich in history and legends.

An exciting private tour

The private tour will begin when you will meet your driver (at your disposal for a total of 8 hours) at the point agreed during the booking process. You decide what to visit, reaching the chosen sites in a private car or minivan, included in the price. You will have the city "at your feet" being able to go wherever you want maybe well recommended by a competent driver (at disposal a total of 8 hours) who will explain to you how to reach the most famous and beautiful places of the city. Here there are some examples of what you can choose to see: the Royal Palace, National Archaeological Museum, the brand new underground, the Church of San Gennaro, the Capodimonte Museum and its Park, and more.

Visit the Royal Palace and the Church of San Gennaro

One of the places in Naples that surely you cannot miss is the imposing Royal Palace overlooking Piazza Plebiscito. It was one of the four grand residences used by the royal house of the Bourbons of Naples during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the nineteenth century. During its history, the palace was originally the residence of the Spanish viceroys, then those Austrians, and, finally, of the Bourbon kings. After the unification of Italy, it became the Neapolitan residence of the Savoy. If you want to visit something really special, then you have to visit the Church of San Gennaro that is located within the beautiful park of Capodimonte. Built in the mid-1700s, it is a monumental church dedicated to the people who lived at the beginning in the park and houses into its bright interior several statues and a painting representing San Gennaro.

Give yourself a "couple" of incredible Museums

The city of Naples is famous not only for the churches, the undergrounds, or squares but also for its spectacular museums such as the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Capodimonte. The first, located close to the historic center, houses the largest and most important collection of artworks and artifacts in Italy; it is considered, with its complex exhibition area of 12,650 square meters, one of the most important archaeological museums in the world if not the most significant regarding the history of the Roman period. Instead, the Capodimonte Museum is located within the same park on a hill overlooking Naples. Inside it, you will find the National Galleries of Capodimonte, one of the most important in Italy. The galleries guard the incredible Farnese collection, with works by the greatest Italian masters from the Renaissance to the Baroque; the Borgia collection; and finally the collection of the history of Neapolitan painting, with the Neapolitan gallery (second floor) and the eight hundred century gallery (third floor).

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