Drive tour around the main attractions of Naples by night

Amazing Panoramic Tour around Naples by the magical Night

3 h
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Panoramic visit around the main attractions of Naples by night

Naples shows all its charme in the night. Join us in our drive tour of Naples in the night, where we will begin our starry night journey with a panoramic visit of the city on a drive along by the seafront of the Santa Lucia beach.

Drive tour around the main attractions of Naples by night highlights: 

  • Come along with our group tour in the night which makes it the perfect moment to catch the true essence of the city Naples.
  • Be with us to discover the tranquillity and calmness surrounded by an ambient atmosphere.
  • Appreciate the astonishing skyline of the Gulf of Naples as we drive along the seafront.
  • Enjoy the shining lights of the city of Naples from the Posillipo Hill.
  • Catch the stunning illuminated Piazza del Plebiscito, the San Carlo Theatre, Royal Palace, the Gallery Umberto I, Piazza Trieste e Trento and Piazza dei Martiri.

The tour will take you to visit the main monuments of the city and it amazing night view: the astonishing Castel dell'Ovo at the heart of the city, Piazza del Plebiscito that is adjacent to the San Carlo Theatre, Royal Palace and the Gallery Umberto I. You can can also find the famous Caffè Gambrinus in the piazza. We will also embark to the panoramic area of Posillipo Hill that overlooks the city of Naples.

A night tour of Naples

The perfect moment to catch the true essence of the historically rich in heritage, city of Naples, is when the lights go out. As the night approaches; the calm ambience will blanket the city casting a special atmosphere of warmth and romance. The radiating Castel dell'Ovo in the evening is magnificent. The illuminative lights from Piazza del Plebiscito that holds the San Carlo Theatre and Royal Palace which is adjacent to the Gallery Umberto I is an ideal moment to capture the skyline of Naples and its architectures. The Piazza Trieste e Trento and Piazza dei Martiri will be brought to life with vibrant local activities and the enticing Italian fine dining restaurants.

Up on Posillipo Hill overlooking Naples

As we drive pass the city of Naples, we will head towards Posillipo Hill along the seafront view on the Bay of Naples. From Posillipo Hill, we will catch the outline of the city of Naples with Mount Vesuvius as the backdrop under the moonlight. A very different panoramic view of Naples in the daytime than in the evening, shining its stunning city lights highlighting Naple's treasures.

Naples in the night

Enjoy the refined cultural atmosphere with many sensible bar scenes mostly served in plentiful and delicious buffet styled, bookstores with an in-store basement café, bars that are appropriately converted from an old cellar, attractive vibes from jazz bars, making the brimming piazzas a popular place to meet the locals and struck a conversation or two.
The perfect end of this experience will be a dinner in the centre of the city, that will let you enjoy the traditional Neapolitan flavors. 

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