Hiking tour: Path of the Gods from Sorrento

Hiking tour: Path of the Gods from Sorrento

6 h
Eco & Outdoor Activities
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Amalfi Coast hike excursion departing from Sorrento

Hike the Path of the Gods in Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful stretches of land for the uncontaminated nature and the internal villages of the famous Amalfi Coast with its 10 KM. You may meet the local shepherds and admire the remains of ancient farmhouses in front of a breathtaking view.

Tour along the Path of Gods on Amalfi Coast highlights: 

  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic paths in the world, on Amalfi Coast
  • Cross the Path of the Gods with a local English-speaking hiking guide
  • Experience a panoramic tour overlooking the sea and villages of Amalfi Coast
  • See Capri and the islands from the legendary Path of Gods
  • Discover a paradisiac land with a panoramic excursion along the Amalfi Coast

Tour along the Path of Gods on Amalfi Coast

This hike along the Path of the Gods that connects the town of Bomerano (fraction of Agerola) with the town of Nocelle (fraction of Positano), will take you through several villages of the Amalfi Coast and it is considered among the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. You will eXPerience a different day, off the beaten touristic track.

From Sorrento with an expert English-speaking hiking guide

You will depart from centrally located standard meeting point in Sorrento, where a transfer will take you to the fascinating Amalfi coast up to Nocelle, the starting point of the Path of Gods. Once you have met the English-speaking local hiking guide, you will cross the ancient road that connected Nocelle (Positano) to Bomerano (Positano). The name "Path of Gods" arised from the legend according to which it was the road that the Greek gods traveled to save Ulysses from the sirens in the island of Li Galli. And of course, it is also due to the "heavenly" beautiful panoramas you can enjoy from the hiking trail. 

A journey through myths and legends

You will be amazed by the route that attracts explorers from around the world for the amazing landscape. Admire the Lattari mountains and slide your gaze into the horizon that sinks into the blue sea towards the island of Capri. The incredible itinerary tells millennia of history, and even today it is alive among myths and legends in the soul of the shepherds and the families who live there. Your English-speaking local hiking guide will explain you everything about these myths and legends.

A living testimony of the rural life

Along the naturalistic route, it is still possible to admire the remains of ancient farmhouses or, if you are lucky, you may meet local shepherds carrying the wood loaded on the mule. This is a passage that since ancient times has witnessed the picturesque local culture that enjoys a rural life overlooking the sea. You will have the chance to stop along the way to take some beautiful pictures and to fully enjoy it. After the end of the Trail, you will return to Sorrento by transfer. 

Other eXPeriences on the Amalfi Coast

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