Guided tour of Palazzi dei Roll and Royal Palace of Genoa
Genoa & Liguria

Guided tour of Palazzi dei Roll and Royal Palace of Genoa

3 h
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Walking tour of Genoa: Rolli's Palaces and Royal Palace

From open staircases to loggias & courtyards, let’s forget the world in the guided tour of Palazzi dei Roll & Palazzo Reale. Dig in the history of The Starde Nouve and explore curiousness palaces of Genoa. Leave your surroundings behind with the historic architecture of Palazzo Reale. 

Visit UNESCO attractions of Genoa highlights: 

  • Start your tour from exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of Genoa
  • Discover the fascinating history of Palazzi dei Roll
  • Utilize this unique chance to explore the Roayl Palace
  • Lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the most significant architectural complex of Genoa
  • Explore ancient featuring styles Baroque & Rococo
  • See masterpieces of 17th century’s greatest artists

Visit UNESCO attractions of Genoa

Spend a memorable time in the guided tour of Palazzi dei Roll & Palazzo Reale. Don’t miss this chance to explore the majestic architectural buildings of aristocratic Genoese families. Discover the position places of Le Strade Nuove & Palazzi dei Roll. Overlook the outer world in the designer masterpiece of Pier Francesco Cantone and the evidence of the Balbi family. In the mesmerizing deepness of more than 100 paintings, learn about some ancient but not forgettable artists. End your guided tour in the relishing beauty of Baroque and Rococo decorative featuring style.

The Anecdote of Palazzi dei Roll

Built-in the Golden century of Genoa, Palazzi dei Roll is the architectural evidence of aristocratic Genoese families. From mysterious loggias to marvelous staircases, this UNESCO World heritage has evergreen gardens. Discover the history behind The strade nuove & the system of Palazzi dei Roll. Built-in the end of 1576, sightsee the different luxurious houses positioned on several levels of this Genoa’s historic center.

Royal Palace of Genoa

Palazzo Stefano Balbi or The Palazzo Reale is the royal place of Genoa. Built-in the 17th century, this state palace is the masterpiece of designer Pier Francesco Cantone. From enthralling paintings to mesmerizing sculptures and from unique stuccos to awe-inspiring furniture, this architectural complex is the belonging of Genoa’s royal and noble families.

Baroque & Rococo Art

Introduce yourself in the featuring style of Baroque & Rococo. From the ceilings of galleries and living rooms, explore the decorative Frescoed style. Indulge yourself with more than 100 paintings of greatest artists of the 17th century. From Anton Van Dyke to Luca Giordano and from Voet to Ferdinand, this place is full of the masterpieces of some world-famous artists.

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