Small Group Food Tasting Tour in Genoa
Genoa & Liguria

Small Group Food Tasting Tour in Genoa

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Taste Genoa typical food

Feed yourself in a 3-hours food tasting tour and absorb all authentic tastes of Genoa. Dig deep in the world of Ligurian cuisines & flavors and start your food tasting tour through the alleys of Genoa city centre. 

Group walking tour in Genoa with food tastings highlights: 

  • Enjoy a special tour in Genoa discovering its traditional cuisine
  • Discover traditional Ligurian cuisines and taste local & classic Italian dishes
  • Savor authentic pasta dish Trofie al Pesto
  • Delight yourself with different types of Ligurian focaccia bread
  • Explore street food and treat yourself with fried fish

Group walking tour in Genoa with food tastings

Take your taste buds in a boosting journey in this 3-hours food tasting tour. Dive in the deliciousness of Ligurian Cuisines and in the beauty of Genoa city centre. Explore the heart of picturesque Genoa and soak in the taste of 5 authentic and traditional dishes. Savor your hungry stomach with special Italian pasta “Trofie al Pesto” and dive in the taste of different focaccia bread. Fill your paper plates with amazing street food and tang deep-fried classic fish.

World of Trofie al Pesto

Completing your food tasting tour without eating Trofie al Pesto is not fair. Start your food hunting tour with savoring the traditional Italian Pasta dish “Trofie al Pesto.” Forget about everything in the explicit combination of spiral trofie pasta mix in smooth pesto sauce. Learn about different authentic restaurants that serve this classic pasta from your local guide and visit the best one.

Antique Savor of Focaccia Bread

The tour is not surely over with trofie al pesto! Lose yourself in the softness of focaccia bread!!! Start your next hunting with your guide and barge in the taste of different types of focaccia bread. Soak your nerves in a unique way and visit different historical places to savor the crunchiness of this local food. With the delighting taste of authentic focaccia bread, learn about other historic places from your guide.

Historical Street Food

Link yourself with the history of Genoa and end your tour with the deliciousness of street food. Dig in the heart of the city and get some yummy food directly into your paper plate out of the steaming hot pots. Visit Friggitories & Bakers and treat your taste buds with classic flavors of street food. Stop at Center Storico (an old alley of Genoa) and fodder your starving with some fried fish.

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