Small Group Cooking lesson and Market Tour in Florence

Small Group Cooking lesson and Market Tour in Florence

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... it was certainly informative and fun. Definitely recommend!

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Small Group Cooking experience in Florence To Discover Italian Cuisine

The first ever, original and most popular Cooking Class in Florence!. You will have the chance to take an exclusive Cooking class and Market Tour in the center of Florence, with shopping, preparing and tasting. Our expert chefs will teach you the secrets of the Tuscan cuisine.

Small Group Cooking Class and Market tour in the center of Florence highlights: 

  • Cooking class and market tour in Florence lead by expert chefs
  • Discover the secrets of the Tuscan cuisine and learn to cook like an Italian
  • Shopping session for traditional ingredients in the Central Market of Florence
  • Florence cooking class in a beautiful location, learning some authentic Italian recipes
  • Enjoy everything you prepare with a delicious glass of Chianti wine

Small Group Cooking Class and Market tour in the center of Florence

We give you the perfect pretext to learn how to cook or a perfect introduction to the world renowned Tuscan cuisine. Our unique and most popular cooking class and market tour in Florence will teach you how to cook as an Italian chef.

Learn Tuscan cuisine together with a chef in the center of Florence

For this Cooking class and Market Tour in Florence, you will meet our charismatic and famous chef in Florence and learn some of the secrets behind the most delicious Tuscan meals. First, you will meet our chef, take a walk and do some shopping in the Central Market of Florence, picking up the ingredients for your lunch. You will meet the butchers, the bakers, and the farmers selling vegetables from their gardens

Cook traditional recipes from Tuscan cuisine

After the experience at the market, you will reach our fascinating home-like professional location, just a few steps from the central market, where you'll enjoy a delicious tasting of typical products and you will start putting your hands on the ingredients to create your own meal.
Then you will start with you Cooking Class creating fascinating traditional meals from Tuscany and Italy, professionally supervised by the expert chefs. At the end of the cooking Class and market tour in Florence, you will have time to share what you learn and enjoy what you prepared, accompanied by a glass of the best Chianti wine and you will also receive your Graduation Certificate.

Discover the world of Italian cuisine with this unique experience

Depending on the season, you will use the freshest ingredients, but usually, the menu will include: bruschetta, different types of home-made pasta like ravioli or tagliatelle, delicious sauces for the pasta and traditional Italian dessert.
This Cooking Class and Market tour in the center of Florence is a unique opportunity to immerse into the fascinating world of the Tuscan cuisine, discovering the secrets of famous chefs, and get also a booklet with recipes that will let you cook for your friends once you get back home.

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Reviews of Small Group Cooking lesson and Market Tour in Florence

Reviewed by TexasTravelsWorld from United States

FlorenceTown cooking class

My husband and I took the cooking class and the result was one of the best meals we had while in Italy! We made pasta, ravioli, and tiramisu. The walk through the market was very educational and I wish we had gone through the market again on our own but left Florence the next day. I highly recommend doing this tour if you are interested in doing something a bit off the beaten path and want to learn a little about traditional italian cooking. Even if you are not passionate about cooking, which I am not, I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class and would do it again. My husband who loves to cook was completely wowed by the experience.
Reviewed by Traci L from United States

Fun and delicious cooking class!

My husband and I took this class on our honeymoon. I love to cook but do not have much experience with cooking italian food from scratch. There were about 15 people in the group, all there to have a good time while learning a bit. No one took themselves too seriously, which was nice. Our host Alex walked us through the big Central Market and talked a bit about typical tuscan food. We also bought our ingredients for the delicious lunch we were about to make at the market. We then sat down at our stations and made tiramisu and homemade pasta that would be made into both cheese raviolis and a Tagliatelle with Meat sauce. We were very impressed with ourselves - it was all absolutely delicious. I struggled with making my pasta dough and Alex was very patient and helpful as I was getting somewhat frustrated (my husband was having NO trouble at all). The other chef, Julio, was also great. We sipped red wine and tasted bruschetta and crostinis with fresh pesto. So good. The day really did last from 10 to 3:30 or so but it was fast-moving and fun. HIghly recommended!
Reviewed by Teresa D from United States

Cooking Class

The cooking class was one of the highlights of my stay in Tuscany. Andrea led us through the New Market, teaching us about Florentine cuisine all along the way. Then we headed to the kitchen/classroom where we donned our aprons and made individual tiramisu cups. Next was creation of our own ball of pasta dough. While it rested Andrea showed us how to prepare a Bolognese sauce, teaching knife skills and proper searing of meat. The sauce went to the chef's kitchen to simmer while we were treated to wine, bruschetta, crostini, and aged parmesan. Then came the fun of rolling out our dough and creating both ravioli and tagliatelli. Everyone's pastas went back to the kitchen to boil while the whole class worked together to clean the work surfaces so we could do what we'd all been waiting for - eat our creations! They served each of the 3 work tables a platter of ravioli with butter-sage sauce, a platter of tagliatelli with Bolognese sauce, and another bottle of Chianti. A vegetarian option was also served. We finished our meal with our personal tiramisu. Everything was absolutely delicious! It was really some of my best food on my trip. All 3 of our instructors were knowledgeable, personable, fun, and great communicators. We received a recipe book which I've used to make all the dishes we made in class - just as good as I remember. What a great way to commemorate my Italian adventure!
Reviewed by Tiffany R from United States

Pasta and Tiramisu...Delizioso!

My husband and I took the cooking class with David and Julio and had a blast! After a trip to the market for meat and a quick (and delicious) explanation on olive oil, bread and balsalmics, we headed to the cooking school where we tied on aprons and made tiramisu, ravioli and a pasta with bolognase sauce. The chefs were patient and kept the spirit in the room fun and lighthearted. In the end, the food was fantastic, the wine plentiful and the presentation of diplomas was hilarious.