Discovering the Renaissance and Michelangelo experience around of Florence

The Renaissance and Michelangelo experience around of Florence

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Excursion of the best Renaissance places of Florence

Explore the Renaissance charm of Florence with a unique experience. Our Renaissance tour of Florence will uncover the most beautiful side of the city, with its masters as the great Michelangelo. You will get to discover and visit the most impressive Renaissance attractions of Florence.

Discovering the Renaissance and Michelangelo experience around of Florence highlights: 

  • Admire the beautiful masterpieces with our Renaissance tour of Florence
  • Celebrate the great genius of Michelangelo and his magnificent masterpieces
  • Visit and explore some of the most impressive Renaissance attractions of Florence
  • Learn more about all the great masters of art that have called Florence home
  • A special occasion to see the wonderful David statue of Michelangelo

Florence is basically the definition of the Renaissance, its symbol and the place where everything started at the beginning of the 15th century. Join our Renaissance tour of Florence and uncover the treasures that this period has left to the city, amazing works of art and magnificent monuments, artists and a unique atmosphere. Meet the Renaissance masters of Florence right in their home and workshops, cruise the city as never before.
Learn more about the powerful Medici family, the protectors of the Renaissance in Florence and discover the masterpieces that have become famous in the whole world. During our exquisite Renaissance tour of Florence, we will learn more about the masters of the seven arts, like Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello and many more. You will be able to admire and explore their masterpieces, lead by our expert guides that provide insightful information.
It all starts with the Academy Gallery, where you will be able to grasp the magnificence of the David statue by Michelangelo. Then you can discover the spectacular Dome of Brunelleschi in Piazza SS. Annunziata, an amazing attraction of Florence. You will also get a chance to visit its beautiful Loggiato degli Innocenti. Our exclusive Renaissance tour of Florence continues in S. Ambrogio, with its romantic and artistic community, filled with artists and artisans.
The whole of Florence is filled with palaces, monuments, churches and other marvels from the Renaissance. The tour of Florence will conclude in Piazza della Signoria, where you can compare the copies of famous statues. This is an amazing and fascinating experience in Florence, perfect for travelers who want to go beyond the usual visit and discover a deeper meaning of the Renaissance and its attractions in Florence.

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