Private visit of Florence on the footsteps of Dan Brown's "Inferno"

Private Tour of Florence on the footsteps of Dan Brown's "Inferno"

3 h
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Private walking tour of Florence in the locations of "Inferno" novel

Discover Florence on Robert Langdon's footsteps and explore the location of the international best-seller book "Inferno" by Dan Brown. This tour of Florence will bring you in the main places of the novel, and you will relive its thrilling story and its unpredictable enigmas.

Private visit of Florence on the footsteps of Dan Brown's "Inferno" highlights: 

  • You will be privy to all the places mentioned in the book with our specially designed Inferno tour
  • Whether you have read the book or not, it doesn’t matter: it will be a treat nonetheless
  • Live and experience what Professor Langdon did in his thrilling adventures throughout Florence
  • You will see Florence in a whole new and different light, a city chock block with secrets, mysteries and adventures
  • You will discover a whole gamut of Florence which you otherwise would have missed out on if you would have opted for a traditional tour which is limited and restrictive in nature

That Florence is a breathtakingly beautiful city which is the go-to destination for art and history lovers around the world, is a known fact. However, after the release of Dan Brown's bestseller novel, Inferno, readers all around the world got more clued into the awe inspiring and mysteriously quint nature of this Italian city. The beauty of Florence is that it has so many facets to it: with this Inferno tour you will discover an original way to explore the city, on Professor Robert Langdon's footsteps.
When you sign up for this Inferno Florence tour, you will be able to view and enjoy hidden locations in the city and thus reach to its core as opposed to the experience that most other tourists have of just skimming the surface in day long tours. You will begin your mystery filled tour from Porta Romana and thereafter live out Professor Langdon's scape by stepping into the Boboli Gardens.
Then you will be escorted to admire the awe inspiring beauty of the city of Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria, following which you will be taken to Palazzo Vecchio where you will be able to discover its hidden secret rooms. A walk through Dante's quarters will be next, where the professor set his sights for the very first time on the beautiful lady Beatrice in the book. Toward the end of the tour you will be escorted to Piazza del Duomo and inside the spectacular Baptistry with its golden gates.
With this special tour of Florence you will feel like you are one of the protagonists of Dan Brown's best seller.
 There will be an air of mystery during the tour that will be linked to the famous Florentine poet Dante Alighieri: the city of Inferno! Nothing better for a book lover than to solve ancient, intriguing mysteries while walking through the very same itinerary described in Dan Brown's pages. The Inferno Florence Tour promises to be one hell of an experience.

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