Guided group Tour of Palazzo Vecchio in the center of Florence

Guided group Tour of Palazzo Vecchio in the center of Florence

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Guided Visit to the famous Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Explore the fascinating Palazzo Vecchio with our unique guided tour in Florence. The Old Palace is one of the most interesting attractions of Florence and we offer you the best way to discover all its treasures and secrets. The ultimate tour of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence will amaze you!

Guided Group activity of Palazzo Vecchio in the hearth of Florence highlights: 

  • Discover the fascinating Palazzo Vecchio in Florence
  • One of the symbols of Florence and an impressive architectural landmark
  • Exclusive guided visit of the halls and chambers of the Old Palace
  • Explore the magnificent Hall of the Five Hundred in Florence
  • Find out more about the history of the Medici and other personalities of Florence

Set foot into one of the most magnificent buildings of the Medieval Ages in Europe and certainly one of the symbols of Florence, the imposing and fascinating Palazzo Vecchio or Old Palace. Known throughout the world as a masterpiece of its kind, a tour of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence will reveal part of its wondrous past and interesting architecture.

A guided tour to discover the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

This is one of the most enchanting activities in Florence, filled with moments of atonement and awe, admiring the craft of the Renaissance masters and the treasures inside the palace.
The main political edifice in Florence for over seven centuries, the Palazzo Vecchio will make for an extraordinary adventure, exploring the sumptuous halls and chambers of the former noble residents.

Discover Palazzo Vecchio, one of the symbols of Florence

During this guided visit of Palazzo Vecchio, you will get the chance to find out more about the past of this great landmark, how it was destined to house the city council, where the chief representatives of the Guilds of Florence met to discuss important matters.
With an exterior that almost resembles a fortress, the interior of the Palazzo Vecchio is exquisitely elegant and luxurious. The most interesting and important area of the palace is the Hall of the Five Hundred or Salone dei Cinquecento, the meeting hall with an impressive size and decorated by lavish frescoes and golden reliefs. It certainly is one of the most impressive sights in Florence.

Explore the magnificent rooms of Palazzo Vecchio

This amazing Florence experience will also include guided visits of the rest of the halls and private chambers inside the Palazzo Vecchio. Among the other highlights you will have the privilege of visiting during this private guided tour of Palazzo Vecchio, the Apartments of the Elements, Apartments of Eleonora, the rooms of Pope Leo X or the chapel painted by Bronzino will surely capture your admiration.
The second floor of the Old Palace is filled with private chambers and other treasures, like the Hall of Maps, where priceless documents were held, as well as a World Map, a huge sphere globe considered the largest of its time. Taking part in this exciting tour in Florence is much more than a tourist activity, it is a veritable cultural and historical experience, an insight into the life and work of the rulers of Florence more than half a millennia ago.

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