3-hour Private Guided Walking Tour to the Villa Bardini in Florence

3-hour Private Guided Walking Tour to the Villa Bardini in Florence

3 h
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difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Private Guided Excursion to the Florentine garden of the Villa Bardini

This private guided tour will introduce you to the splendid Villa Bardini, a Renaissance Villa, surrounded by charming gardens and a terrace that provides wonderful views over Florence. A magical place often set up with art exhibits, which you will love to explore.

Private Guided eXPerience around the Villa Bardini in Florence highlights: 

  • Discover this historical villa of the 17th Century and its monumental garden
  • Take advantage of the breathtaking views over Florence that the Villa Bardini offers
  • Feel the tranquility and the atmosphere of this place out of time
  • Enjoy a drink on the luxurious terrace bar of the villa, while admiring the panoramic views
  • Visit the exhibits held inside the magnificent rooms of Villa Bardini

Private Guided eXPerience around the Villa Bardini in Florence

With this unique 3-hour Private Guided Walking Tour to the Villa Bardini in Florence, you will learn everything about this magical place out of time that will make your visit to Florence truly unforgettable.

Visit Villa Bardini in Florence 

With this unique 3-hour Private Guided Walking Tour you will have the fantastic possibility to visit the Villa Bardini in Florence, a renaissance villa of the 17th Century filled with history, art and legends.
You will have the chance to explore the garden, which climbs up the hill and exudes an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation with its flower compositions and monumental fountains. You will learn to distinguish the various architectural styles that compose it: English, Italian, French… each with unique characteristics. 

Join the panoramic view from the terraces of the Villa 

From the splendid terrace of Villa Bardini you can have a panoramic view of the whole of Florence: the Arno River flows slowly and the Basilica of Santa Croce rests silently at his side. This spot is also wonderful for terrific pictures opportunities, so do not forget to take the camera with you!
The splendid panoramic position over Florence bestowed on it the name "Villa Belvedere": today, in addition to maintaining a unique view of the city, it has become an exhibition center, an event venue, but especially a place rich with history, art and culture still available and at the disposition of the city and its tourists.

Walk through the beautiful gardens of the Villa

Then, you will be led inside Villa Bardini, through the corridors and the spacious rooms that accommodate temporary exhibitions periodically, to discover artists that have enriched this city. 
Four hectares (c. 10 acres) of woods, garden and fruit orchards flanked by the medieval walls of the city, the Garden of the Villa is not only nature, but also culture, art and history. 

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