Private Activity: Italian Vegan Cooking Class in Florence

Private Activity: Italian Vegan Cooking Class in Florence

2 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Have fun in this Italian Private Vegan Cooking Class in Florence

With this private cooking class, you will learn how to organize, prepare and adapt the traditional Italian recipes with vegan products. This specialized class is open to both vegans and non-vegans. So, come along and learn how to create rustic vegan recipes in Florence!

Learn How to cook Italian Vega food in this Class in Florence highlights: 

  • Learn how to create the best rustic Italian recipes using vegan alternatives
  • Follow our vegan specializes chef in organizing and preparing the alternative recipes to the Italian food
  • Discover how to adjust many famous Italian dishes adapting with vegan products
  • Find out from our vegan chef how to create Italian recipes that ooze finesse and elegance
  • Both vegan and non-vegan are heartily welcome to join our enjoyable vegan cook

Learn How to cook Italian Vega food in this Class in Florence

Join in our private vegan cooking class in Florence for those who are seeking for vegan alternatives to Italian food. In our customized vegan cooking class, our chef has intricately selected special traditional Italian dishes ranging from appetizers to the main course to desserts and improvises using the best vegan products

Vegan Alternatives Cooking Class to Italian Food

Learn from our private cooking class the Italian organization and preparation skills on how to make the best Italian vegan dishes. In this cooking class, our private chef will teach each student on how to adapt each vegan ingredient to a traditional Italian recipe. The private vegan cooking course will teach you from the beginning on how to prepare a full Italian meal unto the final touch of decoration.

Italian Cooking Techniques

Cooking Italian vegan dishes are actually a lot simpler than you think. Through our chef's expertise, you will learn how to create Italian recipes that articulate finesse, elegance and precision. A perfect Italian dish is all about fresh ingredients and simplicity, cooked and prepared in a relatively short amount of time, bringing out delicious aromas and perfecting the right textures.

Master the Italian Vegan Recipes

Our private cooking class is designed to help each student master the basic vegan Italian recipes ranging from appetizers to the main course to desserts. Discover the famous Italian salad and saute recipes, oven baked Lasagne, creamy Bolognese sauce, rich Ravioli filling dishes, various Italian stews, tiramisu and pannacotta or gelato as dessert, all using vegan ingredients that are without any meat, dairy products or animal protein.