Private experience of the historic workshops in the centre of Florence

Private activity of the historic workshops in the centre of Florence

2 h
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Private activity of the historic workshops in the centre of Florence

Join our unique tour of the historic handicraft shops of Florence and go shopping for timeless objects. Discover the history and techniques of the renowned Florentine art and crafts. Among mosaics, masks and sandals, you will admire the handmade craftsmanship that represents Florence at its truest.

Private experience of the historic workshops in the centre of Florence highlights: 

  • Discover with us the historical Florentine art workshops in the heart of the city
  • Go shopping for high-quality products that stand out for manufacturing and preciousness
  • Admire the artisans at work and their ancient techniques that were handed on from father to son!
  • Book you practical demonstrations, and participate to the process of creating an object with your hands
  • Wander around Florence, a city where you can feel art, beauty and handmade, in every corner!

Our tour of Florence’s historical workshops will offer you a whole new and unique point of view of the city. Accompanied by our expert guide, discover the internationally renowned handicraft shops, where the local artisans work every day, using traditional techniques of Florentine craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation.
The Alessandro Dari’s jewelry sculpture, the marbled papers of Il Papiro, the intricate and highly detailed mosaics of the Scarpelli family… These are just some of the enchanting example of handicraft that you will admire and that will show you the patience and meticulousness of this ancient profession.
Have an inspiring walk around the streets of Florence, among Florentine mosaics, lighting, gold & bronze jewelry, leather sandals & clothing, traditional masks, and other handmade products that are unique pieces of the finest quality. Step by step you will be taken through a journey of passion, dedication and skill.
Also, you will have the opportunity to customize your tour of Florence’s workshops: let us know your passions and interests so that we can personalize the itinerary according to your preferences and make your eXPerience in Florence unique!
Not only that: if you wish, you can choose to “get your hands dirty” by participating in one of the practical activities with the Florentine craftsmen. Using as only limit your imagination, you can create unique objects to bring back home with you.
This tour of Florence’s workshops represents a unique eXPerience that will show you the true soul of the city.

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