Florence Enogastronomic experience: Food, wine and Market

Florence Enogastronomic experience: Food, wine and Market

3 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Market, Food and Wine Experience around Florence and its gastronomic culture

On our Small Group Tour dedicated to Food and Wine in Florence, you will savor the best wines and snacks of the tradition and learn all about them. After walking through San Ambrogio Market, you will have a typical lunch in a traditional trattoria, and end the day with a traditional Italian gelato.

Semiprivate activity of Florence Food, wine and market tour highlights: 

  • Take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Market of San Ambrogio, Florence’s most authentic local food market
  • Savor a selection of Tuscan cured meats like finocchiona (fennel salami)
  • Taste some of Florence’s best wines and snacks, including olives, crostini, and olive oil in a local enoteca
  • Learn about cucina povera or “peasant food” as your guide explains the history of why it is so important to the region
  • Indulge the uniquely gelato combination of unusual flavours in the birthplace of gelato, Florence

Semiprivate activity of Florence Food, wine and market tour

Florence has certainly the most amazing artistic, cultural and architectural heritage that you can ever imagine.
But the Italian Cradle of the Renaissance has a lot to offer when it comes to food and wine tradition, as well. Discover it all with our Small Group Tour Food Experience around Florence.

Peasant food of Florence

The tour starts at a local enoteca, an informal restaurant, where you will taste the region’s wines straight out from the barrel, accompanied by some traditional snacks like crostini, olives and olive oil.
As you are introduced to the humble origins of Florentine food with their traditional Cucina Povera or “peasant food”, your guide will teach and show you how the history of Florence shaped this type of cuisine. But beware, dishes like Lampredotto, a favorite of the locals is made from cow’s stomach, might be only of the braves!
You could also taste Pasta e Fagioli, consisting of pasta and seasoned cannellini beans, Crostini Toscani, made from chicken liver spread on slices of bread, and some traditional simple salads.

Discover Sant'Ambrogio Market

From there, we will move on to the local market that is both precious to the locals and the Florentine chefs, the Sant’ Ambrogio Market located in Piazza Ghiberti. As we wander the teaming stalls of fruits, meat, fish and vegetables, stepping in and out of the best local food stores of bread and pastries, you’ll taste a variety of Tuscan delicacies from cured meats like finocchiona (fennel salami) and cinghiale (boar) to cheeses like the world-famous pecorino.
Later, we will stop by a local trattoria where you will sample some of the city’s finest primi (starters), such as Ribollita, Pappa al Pomodoro, Pappardelle ala Lepre.

Polishing it off with Gelato

We cannot end this tour without tasting the finest creation of Florence, gelato. A birthplace of gelato, Florence doesn’t disappoint with a huge variety of handmade intensely flavored gelatos. Combinations of unexpected ingredients burst out unusual flavors making Florence, the home to masterpieces!

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